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Pronto Craighall

When you miss the Pronto delivery guy at work then your only other solution for getting your hands on their amazing pasta is to go to the restaurant in Craighall. That’s what my colleague and I decided to do yesterday afternoon, we took a break from our energy consuming jobs to go and grab a quick bite to eat at Pronto. I must say I was pretty shocked to see the place so packed on a Wednesday afternoon ,like don’t people have any work to do??? Anyway once our inattentive waiter seated us we ordered our drinks non-alcoholic of course… 1 Dry Lemon and 1 Italian Peach Ice Tea please, both were delicious I mean nothing out of the ordinary. We then ended up placing our orders with the Restaurant Manager, like I said our waiter was clearly in another time-zone LOL. We stuck to their amazing Chicken Basil Pesto Pasta and the Fettuccine Alfredo with Ham. Both pasta’s were amazing as usual! Pronto undoubtedly has to be in the top 2 best Italian Restaurants in Johannesburg. The food is amazing like I have never had a bad meal from Pronto ever, they get it right all the damn time! Their food is also decently priced and the portions are rather big you can look at spending R250 for 2 including drinks. If you haven’t been here before then you have not really lived lol if you want real Italian then make your way to Pronto asap!


IMG_9667Reasons to dine here:

Beautiful outdoor atmosphere setting
The most delicious Pasta you will ever have
Great value for money

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