Weekend Getaway To Miarestate Hotel & Spa

The holiday bug for the festive season has finally hit us hard and slightly a little bit sooner than most, which means it’s time to travel more and spend our weekends exploring other places. This past weekend we took a young Shot’left to the Eastern Cape and spent the weekend at Miarestate Hotel & Spa. Panoramic views of sea and the untamed bush were exactly what we needed to wake up to every morning and they were nothing short of breathtaking. Our weekend was made up of loads of sea, sun and game drives. I love this country so much, we are truly blessed with amazing sites and heritage.

When it comes to the rooms at Miarestate they are spectacular, large in space, spotless, have fresh aromas and easy access to the private beach. The best part of the rooms for me though was the outdoor showers, so perfect for a young baecation lol. Our room also had a private pool which was perfect for our evening swims, I really liked that we didn’t have to share a pool with all the other visitors. Miarestate is a great escape that offers tranquility and pure relaxation.

On the food front the hotel restaurant serves a mean breakfast, lunch and supper for all pallets. Whether you in the mood for something light, fancy, greasy or even crafty they got it or they will make it happen upon your request. The staffs adaptability to people making changes to their menu is something I really appreciated and every single time they would do it with a great smile on their faces. Such a friendly and creative bunch of people.

Another awesome win about this place is if you can’t still like me then you can enjoy the amazing sunset views from your secluded patio, great hiking trails, game drives and long walks on the beach. Just make Miarestate your personal sanctuary for a few days and treat yourself to healthy living inspired spa treatments designed to relax and rejuvenate your spirit.

Reason why to book here over the holidays:

1. Great personalized service
2. Awesome unique experiences
3. The Views are everything
4. It is affordable luxury
5. Privacy and security

Now that it’s peak season it might be a little too late to make a booking but it’s worth a try. Tip, make a group booking so you get better discounted rates. Plan in advance. Drive down and enjoy the trip. You get to explore more on the road than in the air. Happy Monday Fam!

Lunch At Morrells Boutique Estate Northcliff

Lunch in beautiful spaces is what everyone should try every once in a while. The perfect space for such lunches is the stunning Morrells Boutique Estate in Northcliff. Enjoy an afternoon of luxury amid the mellow stone walls covered in climbing plants and wall shrubs that just soak up the sun. There are a couple of fountains and a glistening pool in the gardens which add a magical touch to the blistering scenery. It truly is a fairy-tale chateau with a note of magic in the air. Once you have enjoyed all of the surrounding beauty, the waiters who are very sharp and on the ball will escort you to your table. Here they will then offer you magnificent service throughout the afternoon. I will say though, make a booking in advance we were very lucky to get a table, with all the events that were taking place at the venue. It is every brides dream venue so trust me when I say book in advance.

The menu is limited and the portions are slightly small but it makes sense since, they are trying to transport your pallet through all the unique flavours of Provence from starter to dessert. The meals are delicious starting with the Roasted Vegetable Salad, fresh, crisp veggies that are roasted to perfection, that beetroot was my favourite part of the salad. I wonder if they pick the vegetables from their own gardens hmmm. For mains we had the Fillet served with roasted asparagus, onion and sweet potato again this meal was delicious and totally looked like something out of a magazine. For dessert we tried the Baked Citrus Pudding served with cardamom creme fraiche and the Vanilla Pot De Creme served with syrup and black lava salt. I must admit I wasn’t a big fan of that black lava salt it was an unnecessary addition to the delicious dessert. img_7616img_7619img_7657

We totally enjoyed a blissful day relaxing under the sunlight filtering down through the branches, listening to the soothing sounds of the fountains. When it comes to the prices you can look at spending R500 for 2 and not R200 like Zomato claims but it’s money well spent.

Lunch At Life Grand Cafe, Hyde Park #2

fullsizerender-9Second time here but this time for lunch and once again with a colleague and everything is still pretty much the same as last time. Service is still great and the food still pretty good. My friend tried out the Creamy Char-Grilled Chicken Pasta which I recommended since the last time I was here that was our go to meal and it was great. The only thing this time is it lacked some flavouring but nothing that a little salt couldn’t fix. I opted for the Fish on a bed of whipped potato served with salad which was pretty darn amazing and that whipped potato was all kinds of crazy delicious. The best part of the lunch though was the smoothie the waiter ordered for me, I asked him to get me his favourite drink and it was so bomb. I could taste hints of mango in there and I am not sure what else but it was sooooo great. The prices are still the same since the last time I was here so you can still look at spending R400 for 2 including 1 drink each. img_7534img_7539

Lunch At Brooklyn Brothers Eastgate Mall

Cold beer, delicious hot wings and awesome vibes, move over Hooters & Beerhouse there’s a new kid on the block. Recently opened Brooklyn Brothers at Eastgate Mall bringing a smile back to beer and chicken wing lovers out in the east. I guess the one up the other two establishments have on this one is the big open spaces. For a craft beer/burger joint it is a bit tiny in my books but when it comes to service it is well on par if not a tad bit better than the others (thank you for taking such good care of our table Sera we appreciate you). If you thought the Chicken Wings at Hooters were amazing wait until you try the ones here and they also come in some EPIC leveling of flavours. The one that caught everyone’s attention was the the Suicidal Wings Flavour which we all avoided like little scared girls. I really don’t want to know what happens when you have those. One thing is for sure the wings do live up to the flavours and you certainly will not be disappointed. Great spot for a cocktail or two after work, they have a great cocktail selection so you guys will totally enjoy that. If you are not in the mood for an alcoholic beverage the craft Milkshakes looked amazing and the customers who ordered them looked super happy from what I could tell. Awesome Craft joint, well worth another visit in my books. I hope one opens soon in the Randburg area.img_7502

Surprise Weekend Trip To Mozambique

Don’t you just love it when your friends surprise you with a weekend getaway to Mozambique? Well I sure as hell do and boy do I have the most amazing buddies. They just decided we should all go to Maputo, Mozambique for two days to just relax and get away from our busy lives for a bit. With the year we have all been having it was truly a much needed break. The boys booked us into the Raddison Blu Hotel, which was the perfect escape, the staff were welcoming and made sure we were well taken care of all weekend. Our rooms like most Raddison’s were spacious, clean and comfortable. For the two days in Maputo we just planned to relax by the pool and didn’t do a lot of site seeing.

When it comes to food we avoided eating at the hotel because we wanted to experience the local cuisines and lets just say the prawns in Mozambique are surely something straight out of heaven. I am pretty sure they are some of the best in the world. For both days seafood seemed to be everyone’s first choice at lunch and dinner but trust me it was so good I never once heard any complaining. I would have thought we would spend a lot of time at the beach but we clearly enjoyed the hotel pool area and views a tad bit more. I guess we are so used to the beautiful beaches in South Africa that we totally didn’t get excited enough to want to go to the beach. On our next visit in 2017 I am sure we will spend 90% of our time there though.

The entire weekend we pretty much stayed away from our phones( most of the time), ate a lot of seafood, drank lots of coconut water and shared a lot of nonsense about how exhausting 2016 has been. I guess we all can’t wait for this shitty year to just end. All in all Mozambique was really good to us and we will be back soon in early 2017. Next stop though for us all is a little getaway to Swaziland. I am super blessed to have friends who enjoy travelling as much as I do and they will be joining me on my journey to travel Africa more and learn about its cultures.

Now for those of you wondering how we just up and went away without really budgeting, sometimes Google really is your friend when looking for good bargains. The only expensive part of our trip was the hotel, rooms were about R1500-R2500/$205 a night(which were sponsored by a friend so I guess that helped). When it came to the travel costs we decided to drive which is much cheaper than flying. Planning is essential though otherwise you won’t know how to navigate around. After our Swaziland trip I will be doing a review on all the travel booking sites we used to make our travels smoother. Thank you Maputo we a had a pretty good time and thank you Raddison Blu team for the great service. Happy Tuesday Everyoneimg_7443