5 Reasons Why No One Visits Your Blog

fotorcreatedHello again ASA friends, so a couple of you have been requesting that I do another blogging tips post, that focuses specifically on how to grow your blog readership. I figured instead of giving you the usual blah blah that you are used to finding on Google Search, I would rather share “5 Reasons Why No One Visits Your Blog” instead and the things you should start doing to change that. These are common things that we are all guilty of doing that can easily be changed by a simple change in mindset. I hope this is helpful and worth the read, here goes:

1. Your content is not shareable: Every time you write something new for your blog ask yourself this simple question, ” Would I share this across my social media?” If your answer is no then what makes you think anyone else would? One of the key ways to get more people visiting your blog is by making sure the content on it is easily discover-able across all networks and this will only happen when more people share your content and thus helping you reach new audiences. Always make sure your content is designed to share. A simple thing that has helped me grow my blog audience is making sure every now and again I ask my readers to give me suggestions or their opinions on certain topics turning the posts into a two way conversation that makes people comfortable enough to want to get involved in. Create content that will spark conversation.

2. You never respond to your readers: No matter how many engagements you get always try and respond to most of them. We all get caught up in our own egos and forget to actually be more involved in our blogs than just simply putting content out. Engaging with your readers on a regular creates relationships and appointment return visits. This builds a loyal follower base that ends up spreading a positive word about your blog on these online streets and ends up bringing you more traffic. Every time I respond to people who engage with me on a regular I find that they end up sharing my content more. Always show the people who support you appreciation they are the ones that will bring in the major traffic you want to your blog. Also don’t send automated responses I personally unfollow people who send out automated responses, if you are not going to do it right then don’t bother at all. fotorcreateed Continue reading

Lunch With Friends At Eyrie Eagle Canyon

So while everyone else was hard at work and putting in those Tuesday hours, my little sister forced me to take her out for her last lunch before the school holidays come to an end. My friends suggested that we take her to Eyrie at Eagle Canyon Estate. When driving in to the estate I wasn’t quite convinced that she would have a good time because it’s a private residential area but trust her to make friends quick and end up running around in the gardens all day. The estate restaurant is super spacious with beautiful views of the estate golf course. When it comes to the service I must say it was really good a solid 5/5, I guess since we were the only customers throughout most of the day it was expected. I was actually pretty shocked that it was so empty, when I asked the waiter what the reason for the emptiness was she made a valid point that people always pass the opportunity to dine here because they assume it’s just for the estate residents.

Once we decided on the perfect table for the day after moving a couple of times, we ordered a bottle of winethe Tokara Chardonnay and water for the table. For lunch we went for the Pepper Rump Flambe with roasted vegetables, Pork Ribs with Jenga Chips and the Calamari, Chicken Livers and Halluomi Cheese platter for 2. All the meals except for the Rump were cooked to perfection and the flavours were absolutely divine. The rump was unfortunately over cooked when we asked for it to be medium rare. My friend had suggested the rump to everyone because that’s her favourite meal at Eyrie but she was also let down this time. I am guessing on most days it’s the perfect go to meal.


I am pretty sure I will be back here again purely because it such a good place to go and have a relaxing day away from the busy streets of Johannesburg. It’s child friendly and I am pretty sure I will meet my future husband there one of these days lol. It’s also a great venue for events maybe I should have my next bloggers lunch there soon. Great venue, great service and delicious food. As of today I will stop judging restaurants in estates because this one was not bad at all. It’s not everyday that non residents actually enjoy venues in closed private residential areas, nice one Eyrie!

Spa Dates & Lunch At Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff

So far I can gladly say that 2017 is off to a good start. The exploring of awesome places across South Africa continues with the first stop of 2017 being the Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff. This is one of those places I would only visit once or twice a year when I am in the mood to splurge (my broke ass can’t afford it on a regular basis lol). It is a 5 star hotel so you can expect everything from the rooms to the food and service to be of stellar quality 24/7. My day started with a soothing 60 minute head-to-toe massage to get my body ready for the hectic year ahead. Their spa facilities are the perfect serene hideaway from the busy city life, just one treatment will have your mind, body and soul feeling rejuvenated. The venue has nine treatment rooms which overlook the sparkling outdoor infinity pool which totally looks like it has healing powers. If you are looking to make a booking the spa is open daily from 9am-8pm. Money well spent (now I am broke 😦 ).

Once I was done getting my body brought back to life, I enjoyed a quick lunch with friends at the hotel restaurant, Flames. All I can say is the the name suites the venue very well because everything from the food to the views is 1 million “Fire Emojis”. Stunning views that also overlook the Johannesburg Zoo so on some days if you are lucky you might get to see elephants from the restaurant. The food was delicious, cooked to perfection and all the flavours matched magically. Everything you order here will be worth it, even their gourmet pap is delicious and even better when paired with a local wine or beer.

Awesome day spent with awesome people making the perfect start to what I hope will be the best year of my life. You can look at spending anything between R600-R700 on lunch for 2 and for a spa treatments they range from R2000-R7000 for non-members of the Four Seasons. Here’s to more travels and awesome experiences in 2017!

Let’s Get 2017 Started – Happy New Year

2017It’s just another Sunday which just happens to be the start of a New Year. Instead of making new years resolutions I figured this is the year I will continue to build on the old ones until I perfect and complete them. Every year most of us start the year by setting new goals but we never really look back at the previous ones we set to see if have indeed achieved them. So this year instead of starting a new, my plans for 2017 are as follows:

1. Be More CommittedI need to be more committed and not have one foot out the door most of the time because I am afraid of failure. Instead I am going to give 100% to everything and take a look back at all the good things I have given up on and see how I can correct them and bring that lost joy back into my life. comittment

2. Single FocusI am one of those people that like to dabble in a lot of projects at once but this year I am going to only focus my attention on the major keys and work towards making those a success. Less clutter and more attention to the right things so that I in return can better help others to improve their skill sets.

3. Changed AttitudeLets just say I am going to stop acting like a know it all but rather shut up and listen more. If there is anything I have learned in 2016 is that the world changes every second and what works for me may not work for everyone else. Step outside of your own bubble every once in awhile and you will see that the world is not as it seems when in your own bubble. Travelling helps me embrace new things maybe it can work for you too in 2017.

4. Increased Faith
Look I am nothing without my faith. Whenever I find peace within, my life seems to move in the right direction and then I get cocky and think I got this, then I lose it all. So it’s simple really I need to be consistent in my faith and not only find it when times are tough but also when times are great. faith

5. Be Present I think 2016 has proved to us all that life truly is short. I need to be more present and spend more time with those that matter to me and stop being so busy all the time. I am always busy working, and stressing about life instead of just living and seeing what comes next. It might just be something spectacular but knowing me I will be too busy to notice it.

I guess all I want for 2017 is the strength to go through this thing called life sharing my smile with everyone I come across. Hope you all have a great 2017 and I truly hope you find that which you are looking for. Thank you for visiting my blog and for all the support, sometimes I feel like it’s just my mom that reads it but then I get amazing emails from some of you that make my year all the more amazing. You guys keep me inspired and motivated and I hope I can in turn do the same for you. new-year

NESCAFÉ Classic Grooves Brings Kwa Lichaba Down

cztlubjwqaat1g6NESCAFE has always been a big supporter of South African music. That’s why they took center stage at Kwa Lichaba this past Sunday, to give party lovers a dance down memory lane with Memo B Jones and DJ Fistaz Mixwell. A master of the decks, Dj Fistaz mixed a string of old school jams that had the crowd in Soweto on their feet. You could tell the festive spirit was in the air and NESCAFE made sure they kept the vibe going. Red Mug Sessions regular Memo B Jones performed signature versions of local songs, giving the crowd a chance to sing along to classic covers. Other great performances in the evening included Musa & Robbie Malinga who melted hearts with the hit Mthande, as well as our local Mr Steal Your Girl Donald who had all the ladies going crazy. Awesome line-up, perfectly tailored for a Sunday groove.

Our highlight of the day though was the delicious NESCAFE’s signature Coffee-infused Cocktails. Showcasing the versatility of coffee as an ingredient those cocktails were mind-blowing who knew coffee could make cocktails taste so great, the taste buds were impressed. NESCAFE also made sure everyone was well taken care of with great hospitality and more coffee treats all day long. It was a great way to spend Sunday afternoon and for those of you that missed out make sure you follow Nescafe across social media for daily updates on when their next awesome event will take place. Good people, great fun and lots of epic dancing! Hope to see you guys at the next one! Happy Holidays!