Daleahs Eatery Braamfontein

Have you ever had one of those days where the only thing you want to eat is cake… Soft, moist, creamy, mouth watering carrot cake? Well that was me a few days ago and the craving was so intense that I had to satisfy it and the nearest place was Deleahs Eatery in Braamfontein. Dear cravings, thank you for helping me find this amazing little gem. It’s small and intimate and the waiters are super welcoming. They have a simplistic breakfast and lunch menu which is very affordable and I will be sure to try out on my next visit. Now on to the moment I have been waiting for all day, the cake! It was everything I wanted and more, it made my day all the more beautiful. It’s not often you actually get what you were craving the exact way you wanted it. Guys, that cake was all sorts of delicious, freshly baked and made with love. Paired the cake with some tea and the rest is history. I will be back here for more it’s just too good and I loved the atmosphere. I forgot how awesome the City Vibes are, haven’t explored them in a while thanks to this winter, can summer just come back already!!img_4081img_4080
Happy Wednesday!

Tei Avon Schwarma Bistro

Trust me to go to a Schwarma Bistro and order anything but a Schwarma. Tei Avon Schwarma Bistro is is known for it’s spectacular traditional Mediterranean Schwarmas that are blended with flavors & tastes from around the globe. So I figured why not try something else on the menu because I wouldn’t be surprised by how good the Schwarmas are. Before we get into the food, it’s good to note that the service was a solid 8 out of 10. Friendly staff and they make the atmosphere all the more relaxing with their amazing kindness. Now on to the food, let’s just say it was worth every penny and it really didn’t even cost that much. Opted for the Seared Honey Sesame Salmon which is served with veggies and couscous. The honey sesame sauce was the star of the meal making the Salmon all that more special, pure joy in my mouth. Awesome experience, lovely little restaurant that is definitely worth a visit.

Reasons to dine here:

Food is delicious
DIY Menu
It’s affordable
Magical Flavours
Service is great

Van Hunks On Kloof Part 2

If it’s nice visit twice! I don’t have much to say about this one, you guys can read our last review nothing has changed since then:)Van Hunks is still an awesome pub and still winning on the food and service front! What is new I guess, is that we learned that they have the best ribs in town nom nom nom! Delicious on all levels!! IMG_3836IMG_3839IMG_3843

No Flies For Love 

FotorCreatedTime flies…

There are no flies

When love dies.

Death comes as lies,

Bottles the butterflies

slithers in where you lie

Time flies…
There is no flying when love dies

There are only severed ties

Loose ends and bloody lies

Unseen wounds and silent cries

Wounded pride and wings that no longer fly,

Time flies…

Wounds never heal no matter what you try

Tears no longer flow when you cry

And nothing satisfactorily answers the question “Why?”

The butterflies no longer fly

There is the stench of death yet still no flies

The world changes, motionless you lie

Yet time just … Flies


Locando Villa 47 Bree Street

img_3767My search for finding a restaurant that doesn’t serve red meat turned into me finding one that doesn’t serve chicken instead (LOL Life). Locando Villa 47 on Bree Street ended up being the only place for us to grab a late lunch seeing as most restaurants around the area shut down at 16:00 to prepare for the Dinner service from 19:00. We were lucky the kitchen was still open because we literally just made it in time before they closed. Any-who once our waiter seated us he took us through some of the menu items in English and Italian which was a lovely notable touch. Turns out all the waiters are trained in Italian now that’s cool and different. Our waiter was on the ball and attentive, the entire vibe of the venue is so fresh & inclusive. The open kitchen adds that extra va va voom and the front of house management are all available throughout giving you a great sense of comfort.

The Food: It was delicious and cooked to perfection. The Calamari coating was light, crispy and seasoned to exquisitely. The dessert menu only has 3 options which made the Tiramisu an obvious winner as that was the only thing we could pronounce with confidence LOL. That tiramisu I must say was the best I have ever had in my entire life! It was very POWERFUL! Loved every last drop of it and I am not a big fan of dessert.
The Cocktails: I kept it simple with a Mojito but no turns out these guys make everything so distinctive that what I was drinking looked like a Mojito but it tasted like something out of cloud 9.img_3762

The Pricing: It’s a bit pricey nothing extreme but do plan before hand. You can look at spending R350 for two, so if you are planning a group lunch/dinner then be prepared. It’s worth every penny though.

Will I be going back anytime soon? HELL YES!
Happy Sunday!