Lunch At Clico Restaurant

Guess who found a new lunch spot in Rosebank? We did lol, thanks to some work commitments I had to spend the past 2 days at Clico Boutique Hotel. Which so happens to have the cute little Clico restaurant attached to it and I am told that it serves great breakfast, lunch and super 7 days a week. Seeing as I was working from the hotel it only made sense to have lunch at Clico Restaurant everyday. On the first day which was pretty chilled, the meal of the day was the very delicious and hearty Moroccan chicken breast served with couscous and vegetables, this was by far the best meal served over the two days. Everything from the presentation to the Moroccan flavouring was perfect. A great blend of savory and sweet flavours which was the perfect follow up after that amazing tomato, basil and mozzarella starter.
On the second day I was feeling a bit offish so decided to not try anything new and stuck to the same meal but my colleagues did try the Lamb shank served on a bed of couscous. “It was pretty good but could’ve been perfect with just that extra little bit of gravy and flavouring, the smoked chicken started was lovely on the other hand” said one colleague and the other, “It was just ok, yesterdays meal was divine and the reason I will be back here.” All in all I find Clico to be a very nice restaurant with an amazing team behind it . It also brings back great memories seeing as it’s right across the road from one of my primary schools. You guys should definitely try it out if you are around Rosebank, I have a strong feeling that it only gets better. Before we call it a night, word on the street is that on 1 October the restaurant will be celebrating it’s first birthday, YAAAAAAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *an invite would be nice wink, wink*!
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Ladies Would You Date A Guy That Earns Less Than You?

moneyI’m sure you are all thinking wow it has been a minute since I last wrote a life advice/opinion piece. Well luckily I spent this past weekend with my boys who sparked my interest in a conversation about earning more money than your partner. Which then inspired this blog post. The conversation started with one of our friends admitting to being emotionally and physically abused by his girlfriend. According to him the abuse comes purely as a result of his girlfriend believing she is better than him, owns him and can do whatever she wants, when she wants because she is the breadwinner in the relationship.

Before all my judgmental triggers kicked in, I first had to ask myself: Would I honestly date a guy that earns less than me and if I did how would I treat them? Before we get into my answer let me just start off by adding my 2 cents to my friends situation:

1. When you enter into a relationship there should always be mutual respect for one another. If you went into the relationship knowing your partners situation then it shouldn’t be the only reason that now makes you disrespect your partner. If you were hoping that he would become a golden boy eventual and it doesn’t happen then instead of degrading and devaluing another human being, just walk away from the situation. Maybe you are simply not the person that was meant to help him excel in life.

2. One crucial mistake people make when dating someone who earns less than them is forgetting to adjust their lifestyle. If you are used to a certain quality lifestyle standard always remember that when you date someone who earns less, you need to understand what kind of a lifestyle they can afford before forcing yours onto them. Some of you ladies love dating guys who you know very well can not afford your champagne lifestyle. All this does is make your partner feel emasculated and he will end up resenting you.
financial-compatibility-680x4303. Throwing him into the deep end when you know he can’t swim… 10 times out of 10 what happens is he will drown. It’s really that simple. Forcing someone who clearly can not afford a lifetime commitment to certain things (like marriage/cohabitation) and not communicating your intentions always leads to a failed relationship. Also dating someone who is unambitious and hoping that they will change is as they say “like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

4. Learn to defend your choices. We love making certain life decisions and then give wish washy answers when we are asked about them. Why date a guy who you feel embarrassed about? If you can’t stand by the choices you make then just don’t do it. You will end up saying something that makes your partner resent you or that makes you hate yourself (your words are powerful use them wisely). Don’t put yourself in situations that you are not willing to back up! Your friends and other extras will always have something to say and most of the time it won’t be what you want to hear, so either prepare to be the Chuck Norris of defense for your man because throwing him under the bus does not only make you look stupid but jeopardises your relationship!

5. Abuse in any form is not ok! Geez guys seriously this leaving thing is simple… If you are really that unhappy then leave, just go! Even if your partner asks you to stay be a better human and just go. If they even reach this point then congratulations you have broken their self-esteem to the point that they no longer see their own value, what an achievement, you horrible human being!! Abuse affects us all male or female stop assuming that just because he is a man it is ok!

Anyway my 2 cents is over for now, back to my answer which I guess is a simple YES & NO:-) . Instead of writing an essay about it I figured I will just draw a simple table that explains my answer:

So ladies would you date a guy that earns less than you? Please do share your thoughts in the section below:) Guys feel free to share yours too.

Disclaimer: Before some of you get upset or angry and go on hectic rants in my mentions, I am not a relationship expert, I’m just a blogger who is just sharing some thoughts that have been stuck on my mind all day. I would love to hear your views too so please don’t be shy to share…

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Can You Outsmart The Brightest?

Cp4vLRsWYAAlELZIf you have children between the ages 11 and 16 then Nickelodeon in Africa is looking for them. Nickelodeon invited us to their unveiling of Nickelodeon Genius over the weekend where they announced that they are looking for the brightest young students in South Africa. Nickelodeon Genius powered by ABSA is an educational TV Quiz with a mission to get kids inspired by maths and science at an early age, and to show that learning about these subjects can be both entertaining and rewarding.

Speaking of rewards if your kids team is crowned the 2017 Genius Champions then they stand a chance to win amazing prizes starting with: R100,000 Mega-U account for each of the winning team members, plus an awe-inspiring trip to the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, USA, where the winners will lunch with a NASA astronaut, enjoy a simulated shuttle launch and participate in an astronaut training session. They will also be treated to a visit to the Universal Orlando Theme Park where they will enjoy thrilling themed rides and experiences including Spiderman, Shrek, Jurassic Park, Minion Mayhem and a tour of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!14064310_1085405274868899_827229740417557504_n

So if you think your kid has what it takes then make sure they enter and prove it by flexing their mental muscles on the smartest quiz show on the planet! Nickelodeon’s Genius regional heats and workshops will air on NickToons (DStv channel 308) from December 2016, while the quiz show will air on NickToons from March 2017.

For daily updates on the GENIUS quiz show, follow Nickelodeon on Twitter @NickAfrica and join the conversation using hashtag #NickGENIUS.

Here are some images from the event (There was lots of good food, fun and awesome games: Thank You Nickelodeon):

Things To Do In Port Alfred

img_4537One of the most annoying things about going on vacation is always trying to find awesome things to do and it’s even harder when you visit a small town. Lucky for us though during our stay in Port Alfred we had amazing hosts who guided us on where the fun, hot , beautiful and trendy spots are in and around Port Alfred. So I figured I would put together a list of things to do in and around Port Alfred for those of you thinking of visiting there soon.

Eating Out: These restaurants are perfect for sit in visits for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Everything form the food, vibe and service is pretty good and some of them have good views of the river and beaches.

  1. The Warf Street Brew Pub (Port Alfred) –
  2. Ocean Basket (Port Alfred) – I know you are thinking seriously Ocean Basket LOL but the one here serves deliciously fresh seafood and is on the river bank = great views.
  3. The Links Restaurant (Port Alfred) – Great curry, good service and great pricing.

Bars: These bars serve drinks at low prices, have good service and  you can expect plenty fun with the locals.

  1. R72 Saloon (Port Alfred) – Cheap Wine & Lousy Food = Cheap drinks and delicious food).
  2. Barmuda (Port Alfred) – Cheap drinks great views, on the river.
  3. Pig & Whistle (Bathurst 20km from Port Alfred) – nice little out of town bar, seems more like a bikers hangout than anything.
  4. Guido’s (Port Alfred) – I wouldn;t eat here rather go for drinks and enjoy the ocean views

Beaches: Clean, quiet unpopulated beaches and rivers that go on and on… Sand dunes and beautiful views

  1. Kenton on Sea (Kenton on Sea 20km from Port Alfred)
  2. West Beach (Port Alfred) – We spotted a lot of surfers here:)
  3. Piet River Mouth (Piet River 15km from Port Alfred)  – Our favourite one
  4. Oceana Beach (10km form Port Alfred) – embrace the natural wonders and serenity.

Activities: Some of these are free and other not so much, Horse Riding and Game Drives don’t come cheap so make sure you have some extra cash, plan in advance for these and also make bookings in advance to avoid disappointment.

  1. Horse Riding (15km from Port Alfred) – 3 Sisters Horse Trail (take a 1 hour 30 minute horse ride on the beautiful beaches for anything between R350/R500 per person)
  2. Fishing – this is allowed at most if not all the beaches and rivers around Port Alfred
  3. Game Drives – There are quite a few reserves outside of Port Alfred but if you are looking for the best then try Sibuya Game Reserve day visitors can look at spending R600-R900 for half day game drives. The reception area is at Kenton on Sea and then you get taken to the reserve on awesome boat cruise.
  4. Surfing – West beach seems to be a surfers heaven, you can catch some good waves here.
  5. Big Pineapple (Bathurst 25km from Port Alfred)- This is really just a nice photo op moment and nothing more. It’s R15 to walk inside the pineapple but there isn’t anything exciting inside so rather take pictures from the outside.
  6. Farmers Market (Bathurst 25km from Port Alfred) – If you are into jams and coffee then try out the Bathurst Farmers Market it’s nothing big so don’t get too excited it’s a very simple market but it’s a nice drive from Port Alfred.

R72 Saloon Port Alfred

IMG_4826Sometimes when on holiday in a small town it’s always good to spend a day out hanging with the locals and enjoying great conversations over a cold glass of beer and some snacks. For us we found R72 Saloon in Port Alfred to be the perfect place for getting entrenched in all the community vibes. Little did we know though that the Pizza’s here would be crazy killer and I would even say some of the best you will find in South Africa (I think we just caught the guys in a super great mood).

From the moment you walk in, the venue makes it very clear that you shouldn’t get too ahead of yourself and expect magical quality with their Cheap Wine & Lousy Food motto. Only to surprise you with nothing but the best. The drinks are super cheap but the food is definitely far from lousy! Everything about the places screams cheesy, college boy jock-vile with a dash of nature, Jägermeister bottles decor (who drank all those jagers though?) and crazy little sports items all over the venue. You can look at spending R250 for two and expect to be stuck there for a few hours because of the cheap drinks! Lovely bar which at first glance you will think is super tiny only to be surprised by their big outdoor deck area, it totally lived up to everything we expected and more. LOL it’s full of surprises, SURPRISES EVERYWHERE!