Lunch At Glenda’s Restaurant Hyde Square

Don’t you just hate it when your friends over sell a place and you get super excited and then it doesn’t live up to your expectations? Well this past week a friend suggested that I try out Glenda’s Restaurant at Hyde Square for lunch because according to her they have the “best food and desserts”. That alone got me so excited that I ended up over selling the place to a couple other friends and made them join me for lunch. Lets just say they were not impressed with my suggestion (I am a very good dream seller LOL). To be honest the place is not bad, the restaurant has a very light and airy decor style which I found to be very relaxing, I also really loved the art on the walls. When it came to the service I found the waiters to be attentive and super friendly. I think we had about three waiters always checking in on our table, the one guy was kind enough to charge my phone for me so I can take pictures for my review🙂 .
When it came to the lunch menu I found it to be very limited but the choices were refreshingly new and creative. We ended up ordering the Salt & Pepper Calamari for starters and the Rotisserie Chicken served with roast potatoes, gravy and salad for mains. We also tried the Fillet served with a cauliflower puree, dauphinoise and braised short rib potsticker. When it comes to presentation they get an absolute A+, it looked great, all that green that is freshly picked from the nursery in the courtyard looked amazing! Unfortunaley though when it comes to the taste the flavours didn’t blend well. The chicken and calamari were cooked to perfection but some of the flavours they were paired with didn’t work well, it was a bit of an over kill with all the mint leaves,gravy and all sorts it was just a lot to take in. After our lunch we were keen to have some dessert because we figured that would be where the magic lived since we saw everyone else was enjoying some cake and tea. Unfortunately though I had to rush to a meeting and we couldn’t indulge but I am still very keen to go try out the desserts, those cakes looked delicious. img_6588img_6541
When it comes to the pricing you can look at spending around R500 for two which is a bit pricey, actually I found most of the items on the menu to be over priced. I get that the presentation is pretty and all and the service is great but the prices were a bit too much. Would I go back here? Yes, I would because their menu changes on a regular, so I am assuming sometimes it is indeed as spectacular as my friend says, it has the potential to be. It is also a cute spot for afternoon cocktails, so I am pretty sure I will be back often. img_6598

Dinner At Foundry Parktown North

When more than one person tells you that a restaurant is amazing, you should probably believe them I guess. Well last night I trusted all the reviews and made sure I go have dinner at Foundry in Parktown North with a couple of friends. Best decision I have made in awhile I must say, geez why have I always gone past this place??? It’s so amazing and it totally lives up to all the reviews, it’s actually so good that I am going back there tomorrow for lunch. I know some of you must think I am crazy because no place can be that good right lol but Foundry really is. Everything from the vibe, the service, the food, the drinks all perfect.

Firstly it’s in a vibrant hub which makes the vibe all kinds of spicy and fun, we picked an outside table and it made the evening all the more perfect, you guys know how much I love people watching LOL. I saw all kinds of characters last night and lots of gorgeous men hang out here ladies( you can thank me later). Once we got settled our lovely waitress made sure we never had to wait to be served she was so on the ball and attentive all evening.

I must say my friends and I really enjoyed the drinks menu and they have all my favourite Babylonstoren wines which made me super happy, opted for the Rose last night. They also have a great selection of craft beers for ll you beer lovers, my friend totally fell in love with the Naked Mexican, he likes his beers light and this one was exactly that. When it comes to the food you can expect loads of rustic flavours on the menu. We opted to keep it simple with, the Mushroom Ravioli which is filled with field mushroons, feta, spring onions, pine nuts in a sage & truffle sauce. The Wagyu Burger which according to my friend it was the best burger he has ever had and the Jamaican Jerk BBQ Ribs & Frites. All those meals were Heaven on a plate.


I have never been to a place that can successfully satisfy everyone I am with. There is always that one friend that gets a shitty experience but not this time! Happiness all around lets hope it’s just as good when I go there for lunch tomorrow. Great place, great service, great food make sure you budget for it though it’s not cheap but you are getting great value for your money.

Lunch At Trabella Pizzeria Illovo Ends Up In A Robbery

So yesterday was almost the perfect Wednesday afternoon, sun was out, birds were singing and meetings were few. Which meant that my colleague and I could take a break and go catch up over lunch somewhere outside of the office. Our place of choice was going to be 86 Public in Illovo but due to our terrible GPS skills we ended up at Trabella Pizzeria instead. Looking at the restaurant from first glance it really didn’t seem like a bad choice and once seated, it ended up being the perfect way to spend our afternoon break. The service was lovely our waitress was super friendly, kind and just made sure we have a good experience. Once settled we ordered our lunch Pizzas of course, with everything from Avocado, Bacon and Sun-dried Tomatoes. The afternoon was looking great, the food was delicious and seemed like nothing could go wrong until we were about to leave.
We requested our bill all happy faced and relaxed, then we got hit but something that was totally unexpected. We got robbed in broad day light! A couple of guys driving around in a Silver BMW posing as customers walked by our table, grabbed the phones on the table, then jolted back to the car and drove off. It all felt like something that you only see in the movies but it totally just happened in reality. The thieves pushed our poor waitress over when reaching for the phones leaving her in complete shock unable to move or even speak. At this moment we were all so shocked that all we could do after a few minutes is just laugh it off and be grateful that it was just phones that they took and nothing more. This morning when I woke up I still couldn’t believe what happened, it was all just so fcuked up! I really hope the Trabella team bump up security outside their restaurant as it seems to be a highly targeted spot from what I hear from other mates that have experienced something similar (Which is sad because Trabella is a lovely place). This is the season for petty thieves to be out in numbers so please be careful when you are out this summer, be cautious of your surroundings and keep your valuables off the table! What a way to get back to blogging LOL Life, Happy Thursday Everyone!!

My Top 10 Favourite Things In Life

eessdeSo a friend of mine on Twitter (Shout out to Noni), suggested that I do a post about my favourite things today, I guess so you guys can get to know me a little bit better. Seeing as I am a liker of many things, not turn up things but many other awesome things I figured I would chop it down to my top 10 favourite things in life outside of my family, faith and friends. Now that I am here about to write this post I can’t even remember more than 5 LOL but let’s hope by the end of this post I will have noted down the correct 10. Don’t you just find it weird how easy you forget the things you tend to love most or always do when you get asked about them. Anyway enough blah blah blah here are my favourite things in the order of most loved to most liked.

1. Tennis: Ever since I started paying tennis at the age of 8 I fell in love with the sports and kept playing until my early twenties (I was really good lol). Then I fell into a glass of alcohol at varsity and you know how the rest ends. These days I watch a lot of tennis OK I lie I watch tennis almost every single day when there are matches. I hardly ever miss a Rafael Nadal or Serena Williams match unless if I am super tired or busy with work. I’m hoping I go back to playing tennis soon because it is truly the love of my life. Nothing makes me more happier than watching or playing tennis.Serena & Rafa

2. My Blog: I have pretty much been an on and off blogger for about 6 years now until I decided to take it a bit more seriously about 3 years ago. My blog is the one place for me where I can honestly share my thoughts without having to feel like I have to please people or dumb myself down to make other people feel comfortable. Granted I get judged about the things I post from time to time but knowing that I have the freedom to do whatever the Fcuk I want, makes it all worth it. It has also been a great way for me to document the good in my life as I tend to dwell on my mistakes quite a lot and this space reminds me that I am doing OK, it really could be worse. Previously I used to write to please my readers and to get followers, that ended up stressing me and not making me happy but when I started to write for me, I enjoyed blogging more and turns out some of you prefer it that way.cropped-averagesa-cover

3. My Work: So for those of you wondering I do have a day job lol, I am a Digital Marketing Specialist by profession or as my title states a “Senior Digital Media Marketing Manager” shuuu that’s a lot. What I love though is not the title so much but the work I get to do. I have worked and currently work for some of the biggest entertainment brands in Africa and from time to time I get to put a smile on some of your faces through it even though you wouldn’t know that it was me. Other times I even get to change lives through my work. I love building others and in the past few years it has been my goal to always give people where I can that little push to help them achieve their dreams.

4. Travel: Man how I wish I could do more of this but budget simply does not allow (Dear God please can I win the Lotto). I love to travel I feel like you can only get a better understanding of people if you travel the world and see things from all worldly points of views and not just yours. I travel to simply become a better story teller, with my line of work and my blog included it is always key to give honest representation of everything I explore and I can’t do this by reading about it in a book, I can only do it by experiencing it. Like Saint Augustine said “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” At age 28 I have only been to 6 countries across Africa & Europe but now my ultimate goal before I travel to any other countries again is to travel through South Africa. I have already been to all 9 provinces in SA but haven’t really explored them all to my liking.tebz-travel
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Lunch At J.B. Rivers Hyde Park

J.B Rivers Hyde Park is slowly becoming a regular lunch spot for my colleagues and I these days. It’s simple, affordable and you can always expect the food to be of the best quality and the service just as good. It’s also such a great place to just relax and people watch. I mean what can be more exciting than watching the Rich & Famous shop all day LOL. Good place, great afternoon and now back to the grind. Happy Tuesday All🙂 Check out the last post here: J.B Rivers Hyde Park Part 1.

Quinoa Salad with Roast Butternut, Olives, Butter Beans, Wild Rocket, Sunflower Seeds, Roasted Bell Peppers, Avocado and a Creamy Hummus, Lime & Honey dressing: img_5819

Steak & Egg with Fries: img_5821