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Perdeberg’s Dry Land Collection – Mother Nature’s Masterpiece

Perdeberg Cellar’s premium Dry Land Collection – true harmony between Mother Nature and Winemaker – is a masterpiece, reflected in each sip. The tough conditions the vineyards have to endure, receiving little or no irrigation, showcase the uniqueness of this award-winning range.

These conditions allow Perdeberg cellarmaster, Albertus Louw and his team to create wines true to their environment, affording the wine the opportunity to shine and express where it originates from. Sourced from older vines and bush vines, the range expands on Perdeberg’s rich history of winemaking excellence. ‘We use only the best soils for these vines where the grapes are primarily reliant on the seasonal rainfall as the main water source. Our objective is to allow Mother Nature work her magic, with little or no intervention from our side,’ explains Albertus.

Made in a new world style with an abundance of fruit and structure, The Dry Land Collection appeals to enthusiasts who have an affinity to the natural winemaking processes. The result is a range which boasts well-balanced with complexity and concentration, but also generous drinkability.

Two of the wines in this impressive collection are the new vintage release Resolve Pinotage 2020 and Courageous Barrel Fermented Chenin Blanc 2022 (old vine).

Matured in 500-litre barrels to bring the best in this wine, the Resolve Pinotage 2020 is an example of how well this proudly South African varietal flourishes under dryland conditions. The dark colour, explicit aromatics and juicy structure of this wine are a testament to this traditional way of grape farming. Pairs beautifully with a seared tuna steak, lamb tikka masala or glazed pork ribs.

Reaffirming why Perdeberg Cellar is The Home of Chenin BlancÔ, the Courageous Barrel Fermented Chenin Blanc 2022 (old vine) is without a doubt one to add to your collection. The wine showcases aromas of citrus, pear, peach and pineapple. The palate boasts hints of citrus, litchi and vanilla, while the finish is crisp with well-defined acidity. Perfect on its own or served with seafood dishes, fragrant chicken curry and rich cheeses.

Both wines are available directly from the Tasting Room at R160 for the Pinotage and R150 for the Chenin Blanc per bottle, as well as most specialist wine stores nationwide.

Images by Sam Linsell 

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