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Besos Craighall, Restaurant Review

Besos in Craighall is the perfect place for breakfast, lunch or an early dinner. Young and contemporary, it is popular with busy, trendy locals buzzing from meeting to office. The decor is of a grand farmhouse which is authentic, natural and elegant. With a chic and modern mindset, Besos offers succulent cuts of meat, pasta, as well as trendy cocktails and delicious desserts. 

From the moment you walk in you can feel the warmth of the neighbourhood hospitality which puts you at ease. On the menu fresh seasonal ingredients are the emphasis here and the results are fantastic. 

For our visit we tried out the following dishes and besides one slight hiccup with the steak the rest of the dishes were fantastic. 

Starters: were glorious, despite having to send the Caprese back due to it having a strand of hair on it, once that was resolved there was nothing to fault with the starters, the lamb was delicious and the caprese refreshing second time around.  

Lamb Riblets: Salt and pepper crusted riblets

Rating: 8/10 Price R115:

Caprese on ciabatta: Sliced fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and sweet basil, seasoned with salt, and olive oil 

Rating: 8/10  Price: R105 

Mains: All the mains were absolutely delicious and cooked to perfection. Unfortunately the fillet was the only menu item that was over cooked and not to standard but the chicken pesto, calamari and TBone were all magnificent. 

Chicken Pesto:  Strips of chicken breast, fresh pesto, sun-dried tomato and cream

Rating: 8/10  Price:  R135

Fried  Calamari: Served with olives, red peppers, roasted cherry tomatoes

Rating 7/10 Price: R215

TBone (450g): with Creamy Mash  and Truffle Butter 

Rating: 9/10  Price: TBone: R280, Creamy Mash: R45, Truffle Butter R65 

Fillet (300g):  with  Creamy Mash and Blue Cheese 

Rating: 5.5/10   Price: Filley:  R280, Creamy Mash: R45, Blue Cheese R50 

If you are looking for a new Sunday brunch spot then do try Besos out. Not only is it a beautiful space but the food and cocktails are divine. I will say though that once it got slightly busy the service dropped and things got a bit frustrating. I would definitely recommend and make sure to try out the spicy margarita, it’s not on the menu but they make them to perfection! 

All images taken with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 

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  1. Loved the food at Besos, however at the Graighall restaurant they charge separately for each component of a cappuccino i.e. the expresso coffee is charged a separate price from the creamy milk; which makes one cappuccino R58.00. The waiter was surprised when we enquired about it and called it a systems error??? Is this normal?

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