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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Review

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is the latest and greatest flagship phone from Samsung and it comes with some exciting new features. Not only is it the perfect smartphone for content creators such as myself but it is also the best smartphone that’s optimal for an immersive gaming experience. So if you are a Gamer or a Content Creator this smartphone is definitely tailor made for us. Samsung gave me the opportunity to try out the phone for the past couple weeks and these were my favourite features for my content creation. 

My top 5 favourite features


As a food and travel content creator, the camera is always the most important feature and the S23 Ultra is the Beyonce of all smartphone cameras. Not only does the S23 Ultra have a 200 MP primary camera, it boasts features like 4-in-1 and 16-in-1 pixel and improved 8K video recording with better stabilisation and less cropping. The camera zoom telephoto is also usable from 3x to 30 x and maxes out at 100x which is insane. 

The low light Night Video feature lets you take crisp night shots with clear details without loss of image quality. Its advanced camera sensor reduces noise in low-light for clearer shots. Additionally, the Astro Hyperlapse feature allows you to transform a starry sky into a work of art. Again, did I mention how insane the camera is? These are not the only improvements, you can expect a lot more photography features that will take your content to the next level. 

S Pen

The Galaxy S23 Ultra comes with an embedded S Pen and of course you can write down notes with it but you can also just take out the S Pen and start writing on the screen without having to turn on the display, this is the screen off memo feature. What’s also fun is that you can write on the Samsung calendar and you can use it to write or draw on your photos in the Samsung Gallery. So express yourself with pinpoint precision and enjoy extra control when touching up. 

Split Screen

This feature is one of my absolute favourites as it allows multitasking and productivity. I can have different screens open at the same time. Pure joy! 

Power Sharing

I can charge my accessories directly on the phone which is unmatched.You can even charge an iPhone on the Samsung. 

PC Continuity 

Just like the split screen feature, the PC Continuity feature allows me to move my ideas with continuity across multiple devices making it easier for me to switch between my smartphone and PC. This is the ultimate dream for busy bees like me who are always working on the go and form different locations. 

Not only does the S23 Ultra have all these epic features it is also the most eco-friendly smartphone ever as it is made out of conscious materials. Recycled glass and PET film accent the phone’s exterior, and a box made from recycled paper makes it planet-loving from the moment it hits your hands.

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Check out some of my images taken on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra at Night and during the Day! 

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