Kevin Hart What Now Tour South Africa

Aaaaaah for the first time in my life I couldn’t contain my excitement for an international super star. I was so excited for the Kevin Hart What Now Tour in Johannesburg that I almost got kicked out for using my mobile phone (Lol I didn’t read the BIG ASS NO PHONES signs all around the arena)! It was just one of those nights I wanted to document and have memories of forever! I mean Kevin Hart is a living “Little” Legend and it’s not everyday we get to see these stars in South Africa so hey now… Anyway at the end of the show Kev did allow us to take some pics and guess what happened my phone battery died LOL… I did manage to get some pictures before my phone completely bailed on me and a few others from my buddies Pippa & Gosi to share with you guys so yay!



Anywho the show started off with the Plastic Cup Boyz who were super hilarious and some of them even had moments that were way funnier than Mr Hart’s set. They were quirky, articulate and played off the crowds energy well. I felt bad for the family sitting in front of us because all those sex jokes made them feel so uncomfortable ha ha ha ha they hardly laughed throughout the entire show come to think of it! Sometimes I wonder what do people actually think is going to happen at a stand-up comedy show? Do you expect to see rainbows and sunflowers or what??? After all of that Kevin Hart then made it to the stage and received a warm South African welcome I think it was like a mini standing ovation almost (South Africans are a tough crowd parting with our money in this tough economy is not an easy thing lol) IMG_9688


Kevin then went on to give the crowd a spectacular performance which included moments about the usual suspects in his life, his family! The show was funny, relevant and unforgettable. Clearly the DVD is going to be a huge success it is Kevin Hart after all, he should milk the sh*t out of this moment! Thank you Real Concerts for another unforgettable show now we look forward to Jimmy Carr in April, make sure you get your tickets now!


To those 30 people that got kicked out of the show, how was the rest of your night? LOL


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