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Guest Blog: Things To Do Before A Job Interview

It was going to be one of the best job interviews, I mean my agent had already told me I was the best candidate for the job and I knew I didn’t have to do much internet surfing for interview questions the night before… I set my alarm for 5 o’clock, the interview was at 9am so I wanted to be very early. I wanted to give myself enough time to beat my face up for the gods(this is proper make up by the way) dress well and just relax. So by 6:30 am I was leaving the house but because of traffic I got in JHB CBD around 7:15.

I took a taxi to Isando where the interview was, as a person who did not know I had to ask the taxi driver to stop me off by the place and the taxi drive agreed with nalo problems “ungasabi nkosazana, ngizokushiya khona “, fine I was so relaxed and knew I was early so it was fine. The driver stopped and showed me the Avis I was looking for. I got there, chilled outside, called my brother to let him know I had gotten there safe and the time now was around past 8. At around 8:45 I decided to go to look for the lady who was going to interview me. The lady reception kept asking me the name of the person who was going to interview me but I did not panic until she said I’m at the wrong place, Hebana!!!!! and she went on and said the place I was looking for was a 45 minutes away from me and waiting for a taxi would be a waste of time because taxis pass there very full.

Pic Courtesy Of Everyday Interview Tips
Pic Courtesy Of Everyday Interview Tips

I was on my heels, I had no back up shoes, it was in summer so it was so hot, I figured I might as well start walking now because it was late, I walked and got to another Avis, I asked the security guards at the gate and he said I was at another wrong Avis and gave me a 2nd address, there I had already lost interest on the job! After so many hustles it was clearly not my job, so anyway I got to the place (3rd Avis now) and they told me the 2nd Avis was the right one and by now I was already an hour late and my agent was calling me none stop, my make up was a mess Because I was crying, my feet were sore. Everything was just falling apart, so fine I went back to the 2nd Avis and it was the right place. They managed to interview me but I was tired, I had lost interest, basically I was looking all kinds of dodge!

I was still very young then and this helped me know what to do for any kind of interview in future, accuracy and knowing the exact address is necessary. Back up shoes that are not heels are essential, and always find out if you are at the right place in time the minute you get to the place.

I never got the job though but a better job came after that…

By Thobeka Mbane

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  1. Job Interviewing is never a fun process. But I’ve learned the right job will come along so don’t focus too much on the interview… just be you. Loved this post.

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