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Pata Pata Maboneng

After driving around Jo’Burg all afternoon looking for a place to have lunch, my friend Palesa and I eventually ended up at Pata Pata in Maboneng. Seeing as it’s on the ever so trendy Maboneng strip one would expect it to be of the best quality and service but nope that’s not what we experienced yesterday. I guess now it makes perfect sense why most people just go there for the live music and drinks, the food takes forever to be served and it’s really not that exciting. Not only does the food take forever it was over cooked and darn right disappointing. I think we told the waiter on two occasions to cancel our order since it was taking so long but he managed to convince us to stay lol he should have just let us go to be honest. I have been to Pata Pata a few times for drinks and on all those times it has always been an awesome experience. The one time I actually decide to try out their food since their menu looks amazing I get let down, what a tough blow on Easter. Their menu has everything from traditional African food to your typical burgers, salads and seafood options. None of it is worth the wait though ( I would still go here for afternoon drinks though) Anyway after our dismal lunch we ended up going to Kool Out at Commissioner Street to make up for the Pata Pata disappointment… What a breath of fresh air, it was just what we needed… We then partied the night away with friends and enjoyed the views of the city from the rooftop.


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  1. Interesting, I share the same sentiment about the service, but the food i’ve had there was AMAZE! One time I had a Mozambican prawn curry ( DIVINE) and another time a pizza – and I’m very particular about my pizza. In fact I’m a bit of a food snob 🙂

    That spetada thingamajig looks really good – too bad looks are deceiving 🙁

    Honestly though I don’t know why they don’t up their service. EVERYBODY I know has complained.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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