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3 Reasons Why You Should Join #MeatFreeMonday

So my #MeatFreeMonday journey has been rather interesting so far, 3 Mondays and a few days in and I am starting to feel less fatigued and I am finding it much easier to sleep. For someone who struggles with Sleep deprivation, I am extremely happy to have finally found a solution that doesn’t require medication. Seeing as my journey is going well so far I figured I should share 3 reasons why I think a plant based diet could possibly also help you. We all have to start someone so join in on #MeatFreeMonday and take the journey on step by step

Your Physical Health:

A plant-based diet contains no cholesterol and is much lower in saturated fats, meaning a reduced risk of heart disease, strokes and diabetes. Plant-based foods will help you keep your ph levels alkaline, resulting in less risk for cancer and other diseases.

Your Mental Health

A rich diet of a wide variety of plants is going to give you an armoury of important nutrients and anti-oxidants meaning  increased energy, a stronger immune system, deeper sleep and a stable and more positive mood. With the current high rate of depression everyone is always in need of good vibes and energy and a plant based diet can help strengthen you physical health which will also have a positive impact on your brain health.

Clearer Skin

As someone who suffers from acne breakouts here and there, since I have been plant based my skin has been glowing. A plant-based diet is high in essential fatty acids and skin clearing vitamins like C and A help your inner beauty shine through.

For my #MeatFreeMonday lunch today I decided to try out the Fry’s Family Food Meat Free Chicken Style Nuggets and they are absolutely delicious. If you want to start your plant based journey but are not sure on what products to try then visit the Fry Food Website for some delicious options. All products are available nationwide.

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