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The Cradle Restaurant at Cradle Boutique Hotel

It has been a few years since I last visited this restaurant (when it was still called Le Sel) and I must say it was great to see that not much has changed in terms of its stone, steel and glass architectural designs, which I love. The one thing I have always enjoyed most about this restaurant is the uninterrupted views of the lush green Highveld landscape and the indoor-outdoor verandah which makes it an idyllic spot for a smooth glass of wine or a delicious sunset cocktail.

For my lunch visit my friends and I decided to try a few items off the menu to see if the food quality was still on par from 4 years ago. Unfortunately for us the food menu has lost a bit of that uniqueness and flare it had from a few years ago. I found the lunch menu to be slightly tired and bland for a place that beautiful and relaxing. The burgers, lamb chops and fish & chips didn’t really knock us out of the park. The best item on the menu that is definitely worth a try is the carnivore (lion pride) platter. When the restaurant was still called Le Sel the menu used to change every week keeping it exciting and fresh, while giving you a mouth-watering fine-dining experience, I don’t know if that is still the case.Despite the food not being as delicious as I would have hoped, I still think Cradle is definite must visit restaurant when you need a break from the city. It’s the perfect place for sunset cocktails on the weekend with friends, the drinks menu is pretty extensive and exciting so you won’t be disappointed there. The views, the tranquility and the friendly service make it enjoyable and well worth a visit. ( I will be booking a stay at the hotel soon so look out for that review 🙂 )

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