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Gin & Burger Dates At The Artisan, Greenside

As you guys know I am a huge gin fan and I always get excited whenever I come across a bar that has amazing gin cocktails. The Artisan in Greenside is definitely one of the more fun and exciting gin spaces in Johannesburg that is well worth a visit. Not only do they have amazing gin cocktails, they also have a delicious tapas menu as well as 35 other amazing cocktails to pick from (yay for cocktail fans).

Seeing as my friends and I were in the mood for gin and burgers, we were very pleased to find that they also have some epic burgers on the menu. The burgers are not over the top and they are extremely delicious. Sometimes it’s always good to just take a step back from all these ridiculous Instagram-able gourmet burgers out on the market (that look like a heart attack on a plate) and go back to the basics. The burgers were juicy, patties cooked to perfection and the flavours just magnifique. The Gin cocktails on the other hand were also killer, my favourite was the Botanist Gin with Pink Tonic and Elder Flower syrup, that syrup is definitely the secret ingredient that added all that joy and happiness to our drinks. 

When it comes to prices always remember that craft gins anywhere are a little bit more on the pricey side. The food is reasonably priced you can look at spending R350 for two including one drink each. The restaurant has a very relaxed vibe and the decor has a warm and inviting spring feel to it, I really loved the use of the gin bottles as flower vases. The staff are super friendly and I must say they are a cool bunch to have conversations with, they kept us well entertained, such amazing genuine people. Great place for summer cocktail dates, as soon as the weather clears up I will definitely be back again with my friends!

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