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Live Music & Lunch At Hell’s Kitchen, Melville

If you are a fan of good food, rock music, Jazz, interesting body art and piercings then Hell’s Kitchen in Melville is the perfect place for you. Wether you are in the mood for an epic party or just a relaxed lunch/dinner vibe you can expect Hell’s Kitchen to deliver. At first I was a bit sceptical about having lunch here, but let me tell you, once my friends and I arrived we were kicking ourselves for not having explored it sooner.

Upon arrival you are greeted by good energybig smiles and a team that has the most eccentric collection of tattoos and piercings. Everything from the staff to the venue decor has a very inviting charismatic rock ‘n roll presence. The menu is also just as charming, simple with  mouthwatering flavours. For lunch we tried out the spicy wings and burgers. The wings were lightly seasoned and had the perfect blend of spicy with a little bit of sweet, just how I like them. When it comes to the burgers the beef patties were very juicy, the bacon crispy and the melted cheese and bbq sauce completed what I would call a good quality burger.

Hell’s Kitchen is definitely a must do this summer. If you are looking for a nice affordable and trendy place where you can enjoy great music and delicious food then this is a good choice. The Melville 7th Avenue strip has quite a lot of fun and trendy spots but this one definitely tops the pile when it comes to good quality food and entertainment

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