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Asanka Restaurant Menu Tasting

So last night myself and a few other foodie fanatics were invited to a Menu Tasting at the wonderful Asanka Restaurant at Rivonia Junction. When we arrived we were greeted by kind warm smiles before we being taken to our tasting table were we were offered delicious selection of welcome cocktails. Once seated we were then introduced to the amazing  Executive Chef Rouget Bagley who was the superstar behind our menu for the evening. The menu was a a great mix of  African flavours designed with an elegant Asian twist by Chef Bagley. The restaurant is best know for it’s afro-fusion cuisine without the pretentiousness. It is contemporary with hints of warm and vibrant traditions.

On the menu, for starters we were treated to a Moroccan Quail with Kale Crisp, Garlic Espuma and the most delicious Chocolate Soil (yes soil) I have ever had! First of all the food presentation throughout the evening was truly exceptional, I am a bigger lover of food that looks amazing and Chef Bagley’s food tastes just as wonderful too. A delicious starter to get us prepared for the magic that was to follow.

Before our mains we cleansed our palates with a divine Intermezzo,  then everyone tucked into the Chef’s Cut Main which was a prime cut of Lamb served with a smooth Butternut Puree and Yam. The flavours I am told were like a colourful explosive carnival taking place in ones mouth (WOWZER). The reason I say as I was told is because with my allergies the Chef had prepared a different dish for me which I would like to think was the best dish of the night. Perfectly cooked Sole also served with the smooth and delicious butternut puree and yam. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this pairing as I am a big fan on yam! After the mains everyone was treated to a Ghanaian Crafted Soup which is peanut butter and palm nut soup with omo-tuo again another spectacular dish

For dessert I must say we were blown away by Chef Bagley’s deconstructed Tiramisu with that amazing chocolate soil, espresso foam, and noble late jelly. It was so good I kept hearing everyone around the table saying “I never eat dessert but my gosh this is the best I have ever had!” It was indeed a dessert worth raving about, the sweetness wasn’t over powering and all the different chocolate textures mixed perfectly.

All the meals for the evening were wonderfully paired with a variation of Lavo Wines which you guys can read about in our next blog post! Asanka is definitely worth a visit if you are looking for some exciting new flavours and the best part is the prices are absolutely reasonable. On the menu this winter you guys can look forward to some exciting aromatic African dishes with European & Asian flairs.

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