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Lavo Wines Love In A Glass

Ever wondered what love in a glass tastes like? Well we have found the answer and it’s called Lavo Wines. As part of our menu tasting at Asanka Restaurant last night our meals were all paired with Lavo Wines. We were treated to three of the wines namely the Chardonnay, the Sauvignon Blanc and the Cabernet Sauvignon. Each wine was perfectly paired with all the menu items and added that extra touch of pure heartfelt love to the meals. The Lavo wine brand originates from the South African name Lerato which means Love. Lerato is the proud owner of Lavo and she has managed to effortlessly connect people from all backgrounds with her wines. Last night we were lucky enough to get to enjoy dinner with the team behind Lavo and let me just say these ladies are the true definition of inspiration.

For our menu tasting we were treated to:

The Chardonnay: delivers some echoing ripe pear, fig, melon with an elegant, buttery, lush that’s ideal with lobster, salmon and even pasta with a little cream sauce. I wouldn’t hesitate to pour this alongside a delicious crips salmon salad plate. This was my favourite wine of the evening and lets just say it has more than enough charm and structure to get the party started.

The Sauvignon Blanc: It was a clean, zippy glass full of aromatics that are beautifully versatile on the palate. This is the perfect summer time drink with it’s refreshing hints, it is just right for impressing guests and impressed we were last night. It pairs beautifully with seafood, light chicken dishes and salads. I enjoyed it most with the Mussels in Kombu Broth dish served last night. 

The Cabernet Sauvignon: If dark delicious flavours are your thing then this is the perfect red for you. Red meat lovers this wine pairs perfectly with a a delicious steak or prime cut of lamb. It was a big hit with the lamb main last night and I am told it’s because the minty notes in the wine paired perfectly with the meat. 

All of the wines we tasted last night were an absolute hit and we are officially big fans of Lavo. There are currently 4 different Lavo Wines on the market with the much anticipated Lavo Rose coming soon to market. You can order yourself some of their magnificent wines here: Lavo SHOP.

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  1. My my. All that looks so scrumptious. Sure got me salivating.and that wine looks so inviting. What hurts the most is that i have a bottle myself but it is sooo overpoweringly metallic 😢😢 and its from a favourite brand. I’m seriously hoping something wrong with my mouth here coz I really want to enjoy it. I’ve been watching these cool new wine beer and brandy brands. . . I’d love to see them in retail stores so we can show support. Also, i need to learn wine lingo now. “Grapey good” just ain’t cutting it no more. Very lovely post.

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni

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