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Lunch At La Rosa Mexican Grille and Tequileria

Warm tacos, gooey enchiladas, homemade guacamole, tequila and margaritas were all in order this past weekend and La Rosa Mexican Grille and Tequileria was the answer.  Seeing as we didn’t make a booking before hand and the restaurant is always fully booked on Saturdays, we were lucky enough to get a table upstairs on the deck. I guess people were afraid of the windy conditions outside but we didn’t mind since the sun was out. Once we were seated, my friends immediately started on their tequila mission and Don Julio tequila shots started to fly around before we could even make our lunch orders (crazy kids). After being warmed up by the  tequilas it was margaritas and beers for the rest of the day and let me just say the margaritas here are freaking delicious great blended mix of the fresh lime juice and tequila.

For lunch we had: 

Carne Rojo Enchiladas this was the best meal of the day and the one that we felt truly had that authentic Mexican flare we wanted: the slow braised beef short rib was cooked to perfection, it was a cheesy and creamy little piece of heaven. I am pretty sure the guys loved this meal a tad bit too much as they were quite for once while eating Lol. 

Pollo Pibil Soft Shell Tacos this was the most light and refreshing meal of the day: braised shredded chicken in achiote, pickled red onion and cilantro went perfect with the margaritas. 

La Carne Quesadillas this was the meal we felt you could get at any other basic restaurant that tries to serve Mexican: toasted tortilla folded with cheddar and mozzarella cheese with a chicken tinga filling, a basic yet deliciously filling meal.

Baja Fish Soft Tacos the meal that had potential but was overcooked making it the worst meal of the day: beer battered hake, shredded cabbage, red onion and chipotle mayo, the overcooked fish totally ruined the whole dish. the only meal that was left on the plate. 

My final verdict on La Rosa Mexican Grille and Tequileria is that it is now on my favourite Johannesburg restaurants list and is sure one of the best Mexican restaurants in Johannesburg. Everything from the designs, decor and atmosphere screams Welcome to Mexico! I really loved the Corona lighting features inside the restaurant as well as the cactus and yucca plants Mexican dessert style landscaping outside. The food and drinks are not over priced and there are a lot of sharing options which make it a great place for big group visits. Both the food and drinks menus have lots of options to pick from making sure that there is a little bit of something for everyone.  Great place, great service you can look at spending R300 for 2 including drinks. We will definitely be back here soon.

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    1. Would have been so cool to meet you if only we knew we were both there at same time lol. It is a lovely place indeed.

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