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We recently attended the Curve Loving Online Magazine launch at Morrells Boutique Estate and let me start of by saying it’s always great to see women encouraging other women to find ways of overcoming any insecurities they may have with their bodies. Curve Loving Magazine is an online platform which aims to redefine the beauty standards which currently exist in society while positively impacting lives. At the launch, Curve Loving Co-Founder Noluthandao Nkosi shared her experiences with dealing with body positivity and explained how she believes that  “All women – Curvy, Slenda, Sdudla, Twiggy, Fohloza, Yellow-bone and Dark Dindi, etc – should not only OWN their place in society but celebrate their differences”

Curve Loving offers a fresh and exciting take on fashion, beauty and cultural related topics. The online conversation will lead women towards seeing and appreciating who they naturally are  by sharing  a wide range of in-depth columns on the site daily. While the online magazine’s founders Noluthando Nkosi and Andile Kunene are currently focusing on spreading their message to markets across Africa and the USA, they plan to expand their horizons to include Asia, where body positivity culture is decidedly on the rise. At the launch it was very clear that Curve Loving will be an important tool for anyone who wants to begin or continue further on their journey of self-love . With the rise of cyber-bullying it’s truly amazing to see that there are people out there helping others overcome these kinds of attacks. You guys should definitely check out the magazine and make sure to share it with your friends and keep encouraging each other! Let’s spread positivity!

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