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The Fat Fish Restaurant For Our Last Supper In George

Always save the best for last when on holiday right? Lol who would of thought this gem would be the one. Funny how we actually found it by accident, we were meant to have dinner at La Capannina but for some odd reason it was closed, so we ended up walking to The Fat Fish and boy what a blessing. This place is pure gold! The Fat Fish is another one of those make a booking in advance type of places but since luck has been on our side all holiday we managed to get a table. Our spectacular waitress Yolandi who deserves the biggest shout out ever was our personal superwoman for the evening. Not only did she give us 5 star service, her dessert suggestion was pure heaven on a plate. That girl is A+ man! By the way how amazing that we have been getting such great service in the Western Cape, lol.

Seeing as I have been craving good calamari all holiday and didn’t win at The King Fisher I decided to give it a try here. Let me tell you, best decision ever that calamari was every bit crisp, light, tender, sublime. My friend also went for the Calamari but added some Grilled fish to his plate and he says his fish was absolutely refreshing, best fish he has had in while (his words) . For dessert our the amazing Yolandi suggested that we have the Hazelnut Meringue with fresh berries, the best thing dessert we have had in a while. The berries were fresh and that meringue just melted in our mouths such happiness I swear I saw rainbows and unicorns while eating it. The food really is prepared with time, refined skill and attention to detail as promised. Stunning, stunning dinner place, it is a bit more on the pricey side but well worth it. You can look at spending R750 for two including drinks. By the way the newspaper style menu design is pretty cool, enjoyed checking up on some local news while deciding on what to eat!

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