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Cocktails And Beautiful Views At Butterfly Blu Knysna

When you go to visit a close friend that you haven’t seen in over a year for a day, it only makes sense to go all out and make the best of it. That’s exactly what my friends and I did when we spent the afternoon together at Butterfly Blu Restaurant by Brenton-on-Sea, Knysna. What was meant to be a simple catch-up over some cocktails and snacks by the beach ended up being more of a catch-up over lots of Gin & Tonic, Vodka, Champagne and Pizza LOL. How we survived the afternoon is truly beyond me, ha ha ha.

Upon our arrival at Brenton we decided to first take a long stroll on the beach and catch-up before we headed to the restaurant. The restaurant seeing as it is on the perfect location is always packed out on the deck so making a booking in advance is a must. We were lucky enough to find space at the bar then eventually got a table once another party had left. Our amazing bartender Basi who was the real MVP of the day then made sure we were well taken care of all afternoon. I honestly don’t have much to say about this place besides the fact that it is AMAZING, it is WONDERFUL, it is ELEGANT, it is MAJESTIC, worth every penny (mind you it’s pretty cheap), gives great service, has stunning views (God is really an artist), by far the second best destination of our holiday! Here is what our day looked like:

The Views: My favourite part of the venue was looking out over the ocean and just day dreaming while being sun kissed. Oh so beautiful (my pictures don’t do it justice blame it on the a a a alcohol).

The Drinks: Basi’s cocktail suggestions made my friend really happy the one with the hint of Gin was her favourite. I stuck to my beloved Gin & Tonic which of course was refreshingly tantalising as always. To end of the afternoon we celebrated our friendship with some champagne which was very fitting since we realised we have now been friends for 10 years!

The Food: – Was made with magic hands I tell you the fish and chips was perfectly golden crispy, light, fresh and the fish just melted in your mouth. The authentic Croatian Pizza was just as good, light crispy base and the cheeses perfectly melted.

Stunning place and perfect for sundowners with friends. I think my friends and I will be back here soon.

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