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Breakfast Pitstop At Cruise Cafe Knysna

While on our George getaway my friend and I decided to take a short trip to Knysna to go visit one of my best friends whom I haven’t seen in over a year since she moved here. She suggested that we spend the day at the Brenton on Sea taking in the views while sipping on cocktails. Before we headed there though we decided why not also have breakfast in Knysna at Cruise Cafe by the Waterfront. Cruise Cafe is beautifully situated by the Knysna Lagoon which means you can expect stunning views while enjoying your meals.

We tried to keep our breakfast light since we knew we were going to have a big afternoon filled with lots of yummies and cocktails. We all ordered the French Toast simple breakfast which came with bacon and fried banana. It was simple, filling and very yummy. The best part about this place for me really was the views. They were just so serene and a beautiful sight to start of the morning. You can also book cruises here which is what we noticed most tourists were there for so early in the morning. The breakfast prices are also super decent I think we spent R120-R150 for our breakfast and drinks which is pretty cheap. Awesome place and well worth a visit in my books.

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