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The Best Breakfast In George – Red Berry Farm

Everyone knows that a good breakfast when on holiday is always a must. Our hosts at Abbaqua Guest House clearly understood this and made sure to suggest the perfect spot for breakfast in George that being the Red Berry Farm. At first my friend and I were a bit sceptical since their dinner suggestion on our first night in George was an absolute no-no. We will get to that review in another post.

Anyway back to the breakfast, once we found our way to Red Berry Farm which is a mere 10 minutes away from our guest house, we took a look around before deciding on having breakfast at the Red Shed Coffee & Berry Bar. Our waiter who was rather slow eventually after waiting for 13 minutes to be exact, managed to take our orders 1 Red Cappuccino, 1 Hot Chocolate, 2 Early Bird Breakfasts which had one fried/scrambled egg, two bacon rashers, grilled tomato, chips, a slice of toast and home-made strawberry jam. We then also indulged in some Waffles after all that. Yes we went all out on the food which meant we were super full for the rest of the day and ended up exploring less due to laziness LOL. The food was nothing too fancy just a very DELICIOUS “home-cooked” breakfast. Whoever made it really put their heart into it, that food was really phenomenal as simple as it was. The waffles were just as good light, crispy, rectangular, and perfectly golden brown, the cream on them was a bit over kill but yummy nonetheless.

Once we were done with breakfast we headed out to the strawberry fields, picked some berries and even had a young photoshoot for my friend. It was the perfect start to our day but then the weather changed, it got a bit chilly 🙁 and we ended up heading home.
Things to do a Red Berry Farm:
Strawberry Picking
Explore the largest maze in the Southern Hemisphere
Enjoy a cup of tea in the tea garden
Pony Rides
Feed The Rabbits
Enjoy some good food

Try not to love Red Berry Farm, I dare you 😛 – Perfect family friendly place if you are ever on holiday in George.

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