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Our First Night Holiday Dinner At The King Fisher In George

First nights on holiday can always be a bit of a drag when you are trying to get used to your surroundings. Lucky for us our hosts made our lives a lot easier and gave us a whole list of things to do and places to eat at while we were in town. The King Fisher was one of those places on the suggested list for dinner so we made it our opening night meal destination. Like the Red Berry farm this restaurant is also very close to the guest house, it took us about 12 minutes to get there. Once we arrived we were greeted by a very cheerful team who seated us upstairs by the outside balcony area which seemed to a be the only vibrant and busy section of the restaurant that day.

We then went on to ask our waitress who by the way gave us the best service, for some menus. She was friendly attentive and on the ball all night. She took us through the menu with great enthusiasm and even made a few suggestions on what we should eat. I went ahead and ordered a bottle of white wine and for dinner the Calamari dish and my friend who was starving went for the Ribs and Prawns combo. Seeing as we are on the coast we expected the food to be exceptionally delicious and fresh from the ocean. What we got on the other hand seemed a lot like boxed food which was dull and lacked flavouring. My friends ribs looked pretty sad hardly any meat on the bones and not basted enough, I think since he was super hungry he just forced himself to finish them. My calamari on the other hand was cooked to perfection but had a weird cardboard taste to it I think it was that crumb coating that messed it up. Despite our disappointing food, the restaurant venue is perfect as a holiday sundowners hangout spot. The drinks prices are decent and when seated outside on a sunny day you can enjoy the mountain views and great conversations with the locals. Luckily out of all the suggestions our host made this was the only one that let us down the others were all pretty damn spectacular. If you are ever in George though do make a stop here, I have a feeling the steaks are pretty good saw lots of other people ordering that. You can look at spending anything between R300-R400 for 2. The great service alone is worth returning here trust me, maybe we just caught the chef on his bad day…

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  1. I’m a new follower here and this post caught my eye! I have only eaten there once and ordered the pizza which was very disappointing and my family blamed me for ordering it. ‘It’s a fish restaurant’, they said, ‘what do you expect?’ Well, we will be back in George in less than a month to visit my mother and I probably won’t be eating here again. We have had a wonderful few meals at other places though, there is an Italian place (Primi Piatti) around the corner on York st which is great and Wilderness has a couple of fab places (The Girls and Salinas on the beach). i have to say though that our absolute number one dining experience in the area was at De Vette Mossel in Grootbrak, just wow – kick off your shoes, loosen your belts and tuck in to as much of the best fish and seafood you’ll have in a long time as you can possibly manage!

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