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Hogshead Rock Cottage

I really don’t know why I had such high hopes for the food at Hogshead, I blame all the kick-ass reviews I read about the place before heading there. Seeing that it’s a pub I expected them to make killer pub food that would totally knock us out. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case but first lets start with the good, the service here is a solid 10/10 these guys are super friendly, attentive and our waiter had jokes for days. The venue is spacious and the upstairs deck area is perfect for afternoon drinks with a couple of friends. Speaking of the drinks their craft beer selection is top class and one of the main reasons we will keep going back.

When it comes to the food, we opted for meaty dishes Ribs, Steak, Fish, Rump and Lamb Chops all foods you would expect to be out of this world at a pub. When it came to the sauces on the food those were indeed out of this world but unfortunately the food was cold and slightly over cooked. Even after we sent it back to get warmed up it still came back cold LOL. I’m not sure if the kitchen team was just having an off day but the meals were simply mediocre. So our final observation was that it’s definitely perfect place for drinks but not for a meal, maybe light snacks while you drinking. You will get great service and all the prices are very reasonable look at spending R250 for 2.
IMG_2555Reasons to go here:
Great Service
Great Atmosphere (upstairs deck was a winner for me)
Craft beer selection is POWERFUL
You are bound to meet amazing people, has a great sense of community.


3 thoughts on “Hogshead Rock Cottage

  1. I can understand why you are upset with the food. In my opinion, it is hard to really mess up BBQ and Pub Food in general.
    I know people can mess it up.
    It is a shame that the food wasn’t AWESOME.
    It should have been hot and fresh.

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