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A Review Of Our Daniel Wellington Watch + 15% Discount Using Our Code

One of the fun parts about blogging is that from time to time awesome brands choose to collaborate with you and together you get to create magic. Magic that brings joy not only to you but to your readers too. Daniel Wellington recently sent me their Classic Oxford Gentlemen’s Watch to review, which I must say out of all their watches caught my eye and won me over at first glance. Firstly I’m sure you are all wondering why did I get the men’s watch when I am a female LOL? Well in all honesty I happen to find men’s fashion more simple yet exciting and fitting for all occasions but when it came to this watch it was purely about the size. You can get the same one for ladies but the men’s one is slightly a little larger and looks much better on my wrists (damn just realised my wrists have never looked this elegant lol).FullSizeRender

When it comes to the watch straps I love the NATO Blue & Red strap for it’s minimalistic look which blends in effortlessly for all occasions. Also with me being the extreme tennis fanatic that I am it was a GAME, SET, LOVE match without a doubt. I think picking this one was also a good decision seeing as after I posted about it on my Instagram page, my brother sent me a “watch sharing time-table” which seems like it will purely benefit him more than me (6 days a week for him and 1 for me, he is crazy LOL). With him always checking and waiting for my watch it means I will just have to make sure I always stay fresh and keep the arm swag on. For you guys though you can get in on the action and own your own elegant time-piece by visiting the Daniel Wellington site and using my promo code SADW for a 15% Discount until 31 August. The watches are already so affordable that having the discount makes it a GAME SET CHAMPIONSHIP WIN!

The confidence that comes with rocking a Daniel Wellington Watch is unmatched, if you have ever served someone a BAGEL (that’s a 6-0 set by the way) you will know what I mean. I’m about to get myself a range of interchangeable straps for when I feel like switching up my look. I must say some of the leather straps are niiiiiiiice. It’s youthful, fresh and as my brother says POWERFUL! Quick question before I jump off this post do you wear your watch on the left or right??? Which side is correct? Oh and who wore it better me or my brother?

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