Don Papa Aged Rum Launches In South Africa

So this past week we were invited to dinner with the Dons at the Lonely Heart for the official launch of Don Papa Aged Rum in South Africa. Crafted with great precision, Don Papa Rum is the spirit of the magical and mystical Sugarlandia.  A premium aged small batch rum from the island of Negros Occidental, in the Philippines. Don Papa is created on the fertile foothills of the active volcano Mt. Kanlaon, where the finest sugar cane is milled to produce sweet, rich molasses.  The rum is charcoal filtered to remove any tannins and impurities before being blended to perfection. The combination of the volcanic soil, the quality of the sugar cane, the ageing in oak and the blender’s art come together beautifully to give Don Papa rum its signature rich, smooth taste.

At the dinner we were treated to exquisite Don Papa cocktails which were paired with heart warming Philippine dishes. The Rum and the food all echoed the values of those that burnt with passion, honour, bravery, and resilienceDon Papa is sure to appeal to not only rum drinkers but also those who enjoy high-quality aged single malts or cognac.

Now available in SA, the Don Papa 7-year-old, is aged in American oak barrels, giving it a light amber colour. It is light and fruity on the nose, smooth and delicate in the mouth with a long-textured finish, and offers flavours of vanilla, honey, and candied fruits

The perfect way to drink Don Papa is neat, on the rocks, or over a large block of ice melting gradually in your glass.  Don Papa is a versatile spirit and also makes wonderful cocktails. Two of the favourites at the launch were the Darker Don, a Papa’s take on Dark and Stormy, and the all-time classic, the Old Fashioned

Don Papa Rum is available nationwide in all good liquor stores, bars, and restaurants in a 750-ml bottle and retails at approximately R420/ bottle.

May the spirit of Don Papa live on in us all!

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  1. I’m more of a wine/ cognac girl myself but this sounds interesting. And the pictures do it justice. I’m salivating. Is it odd that i always immediately think of Captain Jack sparrow everytime hear the word rum?. . .i need to find another association with the word. Great post. I’ll keep mg eyes peeled so i can give it a try.
    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni

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