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Hello Malfy Gin Originale, Welcome To South Africa!

Hey Gin lovers her is some exciting gin news to get your week off to a great start.

Malfy Gin Originale has officially landed in South Africa. Cape Town based premium spirits company Truman & Orange brings Malfy Gin™ Originale in SA with a view to offering a wider choice to all you gin lovers.  The company is planning to extend the range with exciting new MALFY GIN™ variants for all kinds of indulgent occasions to help gin drinkers enjoy more #malfymoments.

Malfy Gin Originale  is distilled using a recipe that pays homage to the originators of gin – Italian Monks – who first distilled Juniper spirits at their monasteries along the Amalfi Coast. With a classic flavour profile and the essential Italian character, Malfy Gin Originale is made using local Italian botanicals blended with pure glacial water from Monviso Mountain – the highest altitude spring water source in Italy. It is a crisp, clean, classic gin with an Italian twist. Herbal notes and juniper are skilfully balanced by the other botanicals of which light citrus zing is a signature touch of Malfy Gin recipe. 

The new addition Gin has a wonderful balance of eight botanicals. The juniper is from Tuscany and has a peppery aroma giving the gin its distinct herbal flavour, and of course, it wouldn’t be Malfy Gin without subtle citrus notes. Other botanicals include coriander, cassia, angelica root, Italian Orris root and dried local citrus peels from lemons, grapefruit and oranges – all from Italy. The resulting gin is perfect for any cocktail, a refreshing Gin & Tonic or in one of Italy’s finest, a Negroni.

The beautiful Originale bottle is a perfect match to its older ‘brother’ Con Limone and is inspired by the beautiful blues of the Mediterranean and the views of the white snow-capped Monviso mountain seen from the distillery. White and blue is captured in the colour palette chosen for the label design, along with the Italian oak stopper and blue bottle base.

Paying its tribute to Dolce Vita Malfy Gin is all about savouring the moment and sharing it with the loved ones while enjoying a spectacular view. No matter how you choose to drink it, Malfy Gin Originale is meant to be enjoyed in a truly Italian way and the belief that La Vita e Bella! 

Malfy Gin Original is available at all major retail chains and independent liquor stores around the country in a 750 ml bottle at a recommended price of R380/ bottle. Be the host with the most this summer and surprise your guest with delicious cocktails using Malfy! 

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