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Lunch Dates At Marble

It’s been quite a busy week hence the lack of posting on the blog but I did try to go out and explore new places. This week I finally went and had lunch at the famous Marble in Rosebank. At first glance from the moment you walk in it just screams FANCY and I must say, I looked like I had just woken up so I started to feel a little out of place lol. Once seated my friend and I went through the menu and decided on some orange juice for drinks (still trying to get over a bad fever) and for lunch we had the:

Sirloin: which was served with hassleback potato, roasted onion, grilled mushroom and  horseradish cream. The sirloin was cooked to perfection it was tender, juicy and very flavourful. The wood fried grill oak gave the surface of the  sirloin a delectable smokiness, while the grill marks added that slight crispness to it. By far the best meal of the day and the reason we will be back at Marble soon.

Sea Bass: which was served with tikka masala, tempura onion, tamarind, pumpkin and spinach. The Sea Bass was juicy, flaky, and beyond delicious. Oooh the chefs here I wonder what magical powers they have because the food was just pure perfection. The pumpkin and spinach made me all kinds of happy. I swear it was just unbelievable.  

I must say I throughly enjoyed the atmosphere, service and the food at Marble and will be passing by here on a regular. The prices are a bit steep but all worth it, the food is just that wonderful guys. It’s not a hangout spot for drinking spree’s with buddies but it’s perfect for lunch meetings and quick after work cocktails. If you are looking for a place to impress clients then this is it. Great Place, Awesome Service, Beautiful Atmosphere! They also have a lovely wine and bubbly collection so make those bookings and go enjoy some bubbles!! 

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