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Lunch With Friends At Urbanologi

After hearing all the hype about this amazing tapas place at the 1 Fox Precinct in Ferreirasdorp, it only made sense that my friends and I go check it out. Our Twitter family also agreed that we should go and review Urbanologi, so on Saturday afternoon we made it happen. On first impressions I was a bit confused since we walked in through the brewery side and for a second we thought we were in the wrong place. Once we walked through the restaurant trying to find the perfect table, all the pieces started to line up perfectly and it is actually a super cool set up. The huge open kitchen, the spacious industrial interior, the brewery, the dramatic art and lighting features all turn the space into one super exciting creative hub. Once we were seated (we picked the outside tables so we can enjoy the sunshine) we went through the menu and let me just say it is just as artistic as the venue. A bit overwhelming if you are not to familiar with all the different names for specific foods. The best solution we found was to ask the waiter to give us some suggestions and Ralph(he is an amazing waiter make sure to ask for him) totally knocked it out the park.

For the table our tapas selection was made of the following:

Starters: Coal Fried Broccoli in  Smoked Gorgonzola Cream, the cream was an absolute winner and everyone started dipping their Deep Fried Potatoes in it seeing as the Seaweed Emulsion that came with the potatoes was not so great. We also had the delicious Heirloom Baby Carrots which everyone loved so much we ordered them again with our mains. The carrots were the best item of the day. Our meat option for the starters was the Venison Capriccio served with baby spinach and crispy leeks, I wasn’t a big fan but the rest of the table enjoyed it.  The starters were all a great set up for the mains, lots of vibrant flavours. 

Mains: Yakitori Chicken, the chicken breast was slated perfectly, moist and unfailingly juicy and tender, we ordered the Coal Fried Broccoli again and it was a perfect match with the chicken. Our other mains options were the Heart of Rump, Steamed Mosbolletjies, Crispy Dropped Black Pepper Pork Belly and the Crumbed Calamari. All these options were absolutely marvellous. The flavours all melted perfectly together in your mouth and their were zero complaints from everyone at the table. The best for the day was the Chicken, Rump and the Pork Belly! Delicious, Delicious, Delicious…

Dessert: For dessert we decided to order the Ginger Malva and the Blackcurrant Sorbet. The Malva was dry and it didn’t blend well with the lime leaf ice-cream it was served with. The ice-cream and the popcorn soil together though were delicious they would have been just fine without the malva. The Blackcurrant sorbet on the other hand was absolutely divine, it was refreshing and the perfect end to a delicious lunch. 

Urbanologi is a great place for large groups, there’s a little bit of everything for every pallet on the menu. The portions are quite small (it is tapas after all), all the guys at our table were complaining that they are still hungry. I guess it makes sense to just order more  in such cases but the prices are a bit crazy for some of the more filling dishes. For a table of 6 we spent around R1600 including 2 drinks each and half the table was still hungry afterwards. For those looking for the more filling meals you can always go and grab a burger or hotdog at the market next door and just have awesome beers at Urbanologi. Can’t wait for summer I am sure this is going to be a great summer spot. It’s vibey, has good food and great Service …

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