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Hello Recommends The Belgian Triple In Pretoria

So last night a few other Food Bloggers, Fashion Influencer, Social Media Influencers and I were taken on a Belgian food & beer adventure at the Belgian Triple in Pretoria by the awesome team at Hello Joburg Magazine. Our adventure was jam packed with amazing flavours, conversations and lots of laughter. For me it was a great night for satisfying my beer curiosities and introducing my pallet to new sensational flavours

The Food: For starters we were treated to platters of absolutely delicious Squid, Bitterballen, Kroketten, Marinated Garlic Olives (these were a big hit) and Belgian Fries. Mains we had two options, Pan-seared Norwegian Salmon Fillet served with balsamic roasted beetroot, Parisian potatoes, thyme and coconut cream sauce. The second option for mains was a delicious Mustard & Herb Beef Fillet served with honey and cinnamon glazed butternut & garlic mash potato. Both meals were perfectly cooked the flavours blended flawlessly and the portions were just the right size. For dessert we had Dahrium Red Poached Pears with Vanilla Syrup & Kriek Panna-Cotta with Chocolate Cigars, Wafer Tuile & Toasted Almonds. All this was just heaven on a plate some of the best dishes I have had in a while. When food is made with passion and care it always turns out beautifully and that is what we were served all night.

The Beers: So we all got to taste a variety of Belgian Beers and my favourites for the night were the Lindemans Apple (We dubbed this the Apple Juice for Adults lol) and the Lindemans Faro. I really loved how each beer had it’s own personalised beer glass and I even learned that the personalised glass shapes enhance the flavour of that specific beer. Well those glass shapes clearly worked because those beers were fantastic. The best part for all beer lovers is you have a selection of 81 Belgian Craft Beers to pick from.

The Overall Restaurant:
I really liked the simplicity of the venue with all the little art pieces that showcase the uniqueness of Belgian culture. The restaurant is cosy and the decor gives it an eclectic and warm setting. The team are all passionate and make the best recommendations if you not sure on what to order. I really loved the the team is so involved in all aspects of the restaurants, it’s little things like this that make a place more special.

For those of you looking to go on a Belgian Journey then The Triple Belgian is the perfect place to start. The service is great, the food delicious and the beers just wonderful. I really wish one would open in Jo’Burg though it would be a massive hit. Great evening spent with amazing people looking forward to the next #HelloRecommends 

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