Being Legends With Gordon’s Gin At Shepstone Gardens

So this past weekend the beautiful people at Zomato invited us to an exciting afternoon of networking, delicious cocktails and one epic groove  at the beautiful  Shepstone Gardens for the #GordonsLegends event. After experiencing a rather cold and depressing week in Johannesburg,  the weather on Saturday seemed to approve of us being Legends. The sun came out to play and you could tell everyone loved being sun kissed while enjoying a great variety of Gordon’s cocktails.  Everything from the moment we arrived was just spectacular.

The Venue: Like I always say every time I go to Shepstone Gardens I always imagine myself getting married there (eish one day guys lol). This venue is the ultimate event venue “goals”,  Jo’burgs secret garden has the most  stunning stone architecture and lush gardens, making it the perfect place for all special occasions including the #GordonsLegends. This is truly where happily ever after begins!

*Check out these epic venue pics from our Friend Sarah of Likers of Things.*

The Cocktails: Gordon’s is the world’s number one best-selling Gin, so you could only expect that the cocktails on the day would be all kinds of delicious. We were treated to a few different types of cocktails which all had their own unique flare. With names such as the Bramble, the Salty Dog, Negroni, the Gimlet, and the Rickey you could only image how curious we all were to try them out. My favourites for the day were the Bramble and of course the classic Gin &  Tonic with pomegranate seeds. You can never go wrong with a classic G&T!

The Food: Every time I turned around to grab a canapé from one of the waiters the tray would always be empty *sigh*! Once I finally got my hands on one I totally understood why though, they were delicious, everything from hearty baked goods to the fresh guacamole and shrimp filled taco cups was just cooked to perfection. It’s safe to say all the food was nothing short of excellent!

*Pic of the fresh guacamole and shrimp filled taco cups below courtesy of our Friend Sarah of Likers of Things.* (guys I dropped my phone twice at the event so sad  🙁 so couldn’t get a lot of pics like I usually do.)

The People: It was really good bumping into and catching up with a lot of old familiar faces and of course meeting new awesome people. The event had a good mix of social media influencers, celebrities and of course all the gorgeous plus 1s (lol). I must say if it wasn’t for the cocktail tagging system where you had to find someone with a matching tag in order to get a drink, I most probably wouldn’t have networked as much as I did. Such a cool way to get people engaging and networking as awkward as it was at first it ended up being very epic.

An awesome event with awesome people. We totally had a blast. To see all the stunning pictures from the event follow the hashtag #GordonsLegends on Twitter & Instagram 🙂

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