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Lunch At Koi Rosebank

Two Thursdays in a row now where I manage to have lunch with awesome company at an even more awesome restaurant. Today’s great choice was Koi at The Firs in Rosebank with a work buddy of mine. Everything from the moment we arrived had a good simplistic sense of calmness. It was just so tranquil something you wouldn’t expect from Rosebank but for some odd reason it was our lucky today. The weather was perfect, sun was out (a few buns out too) with a lovely breeze making the outside tables the perfect choice for us. Once settled in our waiter took our orders, the usual Gin & Tonic and Orange Juice for drinks but when it came to the food we totally weren’t expecting such creative deliciousness.

I ordered the starter Asian Fries and Calamari with hoisin sauce, coriander and lime but asked them to turn into a main which they did perfectly. My friend ordered a fish dish which for the life of me I can’t remember what it was called, I was so distracted by the creative presentation which I didnt take a good pic of) that I forgot to ask what it was. Both meals were absolutely divine, the Calamari was so bomb, that hoisin sauce and lime flavouring was a match made in sparkly unicorn heaven. The only thing to note though is that the items on the menu as good as they are they are not cheap. So if you are balling on a budget maybe you might want to skip right past, you can look at spending R450 for 2, including 1 drink each. I also have a feeling that it gets packed on weekends so do make a booking in advance. The service is great, the food is even better and the ambiance is just magical.

Reason why I will keep eating here and why you should too:

1. Great food – delicious flavour pairings
2. Great ambiance – totally enjoyed people watching as I do and just the overall glee-ness of the area.
3. Comfort and Safety – I never once felt like something bad could happen while dinning outside especially seeing as a lot of us have been getting robbed this festive season. The team here are attentive and just always on the ball looking after customers.
4. Great service – the staff is friendly, respectful and attentive.
It’s lovely guys it’s simply just lovely just like Koi in Bantry Bay was, all that’s missing with this one is the sea views LOL.img_7248

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