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5 Signs You’re Losing Your Blogging Groove And How To Get It Back

I’m sure a couple of you have noticed my lack of blogging and updating the blog lately. Well lets just say I have been going through a serious phase of “I just don’t care” & “who cares?” when it comes the blog and life in general. To be honest I think it has to do with just being physically and emotionally exhausted, this has been quite a long and draining year and the effects are clearly starting to show. I have seriously been struggling to find my mojo and refuel the passion which I guess is a sign I should take it easy, I am pretty sure the spark will return soon though. I just have to accept that these things happen, we all get tired and deal with a lot on a daily and you know what? It’s OK to sit back every now and again and just say “fuck it” I am taking a break.

So this post is to simply share the things I noticed myself doing or not doing which were clear signs I have dropped the ball and the passion was slowly fizzling when it comes to the blog. I will also share some of the the things I have been doing to try and get my groove back that are working:

1. Procrastination: Lately I have found myself always saying, “I will update it later,” or “Let me tease it on Social Media and I will write the post later.” All that has come from this is 10 draft posts that are far from being complete. I am always starting something and then finding other ways to keep myself occupied just to avoid it (Lets hope I finish this post). – I think once the procrastination starts to kick in simply just take a break away from the blog and focus on other areas in your life. If you get ideas for posts rather jot them down somewhere else away from the blog for later use because all the blog does is put more pressure on you to try and get something out. What has been working for me is writing notes in my note book and then sharing them across Social media. Which goes into my second sign:

2. Not Everything Has To Be A Blog Post: Which is what has been one of my major frustrations, I was trying to turn everything and anything into a good blog post and that just put so much pressure on me that I end up sharing nothing. I also found that every time I go out, I would try turn that into a blog post and all I ended up doing was not enjoying the moment but rather frustrating myself even more, because I just wouldn’t accept that some places really aren’t worth talking about and that’s OK.

3. Lack of Consistency: When I first started blogging I would always plan what I would like to write about and places I would like to see. Lately though I have been winging it so much that this has thrown my consistency off, so much so that I am pretty sure it’s a main reason why I so detached from my blog lately. Planning is key and it was a reason why the blog was running smoothly. Not say that winging it doesn’t work but you just have to do it in small doses or it with throw you off. When I wing it I only get one or two good ideas every once in a blue moon which means the blog gets neglected but when I was planning my content ideas for the week it had a good flow. My stress levels were also better when I was planning.

4. When The Stats Start Booming The Blog Gets Gloomy: This is a weird one because I am pretty sure it’s every bloggers dream to have good stats. What they don’t tell you though is the pressure that comes with it. Since my stats started growing I have had sleepless nights doubting myself and my content. When I don’t have any content I panic even more at the thought that readers will start to thinking I am lazy and then never return. This is a continuous cycle which brings me to wanting to shut down the blog on a regular. Fortunately though the little voice inside of my head somewhere tends to find the right moments to remind me why I do it which leads to my last point about purpose:

5. No Longer Purpose Driven: Somewhere along the way we all get caught up in trying to keep our blogs updated and looking great that we lose sight of why we started them in the first place. Your blog will start becoming like a full time job that always needs your attention and to be taken care off. If you don’t remember why you are taking care of it in the first place then maybe it’s time to let it go. Don’t let anyone fool you blogging can become an expensive chore but if you are purpose driven it will be all worth it. If you feel like your losing yourself then hit pause and then refresh. Give it a make over, try new ways of writing or sharing your content and then watch the spark return.

Other things I have been suffering from lately which I am pretty sure every blogger goes through is the usual, writers block, lack of finding new content, not reaching out to guest writers and simply not appreciating all my previous posts that make this blog so special to me. Here is a reminder of why I love blogging so much: 10 Reasons Why I Love Blogging

This post is not to say I will stop blogging, just that for now I will be blogging less until the mojo returns to 100%. Happy Sunday!

18 thoughts on “5 Signs You’re Losing Your Blogging Groove And How To Get It Back

  1. Hit that nail on its head!

    Once procrastination sinks in, I force myself to write. Most of it sucks, so never published. After writing a few crappy posts to warm up, normally I get my groove back.

    Taking a break kills the rhythm for me.

  2. You have a wonderful blog here and some really amazing tips to give. My blog is now all over the place and I really have no clue what I am doing with it but I find my self thinking of a direction and wanting to work hard on it and make it better, thank you for that.

  3. So true Tebza 🙂 I think for me, when stress hits, creativity goes out the window, but I’ve started fighting against this by picking things from my journal and writing on them to keep going – really helps 🙂

    1. Stress is such a pain it just derails all your plans. Having a journal is a great way to keep track of things 🙂

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