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Lunch At Glenda’s Restaurant Hyde Square

Don’t you just hate it when your friends over sell a place and you get super excited and then it doesn’t live up to your expectations? Well this past week a friend suggested that I try out Glenda’s Restaurant at Hyde Square for lunch because according to her they have the “best food and desserts”. That alone got me so excited that I ended up over selling the place to a couple other friends and made them join me for lunch. Lets just say they were not impressed with my suggestion (I am a very good dream seller LOL). To be honest the place is not bad, the restaurant has a very light and airy decor style which I found to be very relaxing, I also really loved the art on the walls. When it came to the service I found the waiters to be attentive and super friendly. I think we had about three waiters always checking in on our table, the one guy was kind enough to charge my phone for me so I can take pictures for my review 🙂 .

When it came to the lunch menu I found it to be very limited but the choices were refreshingly new and creative. We ended up ordering the Salt & Pepper Calamari for starters and the Rotisserie Chicken served with roast potatoes, gravy and salad for mains. We also tried the Fillet served with a cauliflower puree, dauphinoise and braised short rib potsticker. When it comes to presentation they get an absolute A+, it looked great, all that green that is freshly picked from the nursery in the courtyard looked amazing! Unfortunaley though when it comes to the taste the flavours didn’t blend well. The chicken and calamari were cooked to perfection but some of the flavours they were paired with didn’t work well, it was a bit of an over kill with all the mint leaves,gravy and all sorts it was just a lot to take in. After our lunch we were keen to have some dessert because we figured that would be where the magic lived since we saw everyone else was enjoying some cake and tea. Unfortunately though I had to rush to a meeting and we couldn’t indulge but I am still very keen to go try out the desserts, those cakes looked delicious. img_6588


When it comes to the pricing you can look at spending around R500 for two which is a bit pricey, actually I found most of the items on the menu to be over priced. I get that the presentation is pretty and all and the service is great but the prices were a bit too much. Would I go back here? Yes, I would because their menu changes on a regular, so I am assuming sometimes it is indeed as spectacular as my friend says, it has the potential to be. It is also a cute spot for afternoon cocktails, so I am pretty sure I will be back often. img_6598

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