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Things To Do In Port Alfred

One of the most annoying things about going on vacation is always trying to find awesome things to do and it’s even harder when you visit a small town. Lucky for us though during our stay in Port Alfred we had amazing hosts who guided us on where the fun, hot , beautiful and trendy spots are in and around Port Alfred. So I figured I would put together a list of things to do in and around Port Alfred for those of you thinking of visiting there soon.

Eating Out: These restaurants are perfect for sit in visits for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Everything form the food, vibe and service is pretty good and some of them have good views of the river and beaches.

  1. The Warf Street Brew Pub (Port Alfred) –
  2. Ocean Basket (Port Alfred) – I know you are thinking seriously Ocean Basket LOL but the one here serves deliciously fresh seafood and is on the river bank = great views.
  3. The Links Restaurant (Port Alfred) – Great curry, good service and great pricing.

Bars: These bars serve drinks at low prices, have good service and  you can expect plenty fun with the locals.

  1. R72 Saloon (Port Alfred) – Cheap Wine & Lousy Food = Cheap drinks and delicious food).
  2. Barmuda (Port Alfred) – Cheap drinks great views, on the river.
  3. Pig & Whistle (Bathurst 20km from Port Alfred) – nice little out of town bar, seems more like a bikers hangout than anything.
  4. Guido’s (Port Alfred) – I wouldn;t eat here rather go for drinks and enjoy the ocean views

Beaches: Clean, quiet unpopulated beaches and rivers that go on and on… Sand dunes and beautiful views

  1. Kenton on Sea (Kenton on Sea 20km from Port Alfred)
  2. West Beach (Port Alfred) – We spotted a lot of surfers here 🙂
  3. Piet River Mouth (Piet River 15km from Port Alfred)  – Our favourite one
  4. Oceana Beach (10km form Port Alfred) – embrace the natural wonders and serenity.

Activities: Some of these are free and other not so much, Horse Riding and Game Drives don’t come cheap so make sure you have some extra cash, plan in advance for these and also make bookings in advance to avoid disappointment.

  1. Horse Riding (15km from Port Alfred) – 3 Sisters Horse Trail (take a 1 hour 30 minute horse ride on the beautiful beaches for anything between R350/R500 per person)
  2. Fishing – this is allowed at most if not all the beaches and rivers around Port Alfred
  3. Game Drives – There are quite a few reserves outside of Port Alfred but if you are looking for the best then try Sibuya Game Reserve day visitors can look at spending R600-R900 for half day game drives. The reception area is at Kenton on Sea and then you get taken to the reserve on awesome boat cruise.
  4. Surfing – West beach seems to be a surfers heaven, you can catch some good waves here.
  5. Big Pineapple (Bathurst 25km from Port Alfred)- This is really just a nice photo op moment and nothing more. It’s R15 to walk inside the pineapple but there isn’t anything exciting inside so rather take pictures from the outside.
  6. Farmers Market (Bathurst 25km from Port Alfred) – If you are into jams and coffee then try out the Bathurst Farmers Market it’s nothing big so don’t get too excited it’s a very simple market but it’s a nice drive from Port Alfred.

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