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R72 Saloon Port Alfred

Sometimes when on holiday in a small town it’s always good to spend a day out hanging with the locals and enjoying great conversations over a cold glass of beer and some snacks. For us we found R72 Saloon in Port Alfred to be the perfect place for getting entrenched in all the community vibes. Little did we know though that the Pizza’s here would be crazy killer and I would even say some of the best you will find in South Africa (I think we just caught the guys in a super great mood).IMG_4826


From the moment you walk in, the venue makes it very clear that you shouldn’t get too ahead of yourself and expect magical quality with their Cheap Wine & Lousy Food motto. Only to surprise you with nothing but the best. The drinks are super cheap but the food is definitely far from lousy! Everything about the places screams cheesy, college boy jock-vile with a dash of nature, Jägermeister bottles decor (who drank all those jagers though?) and crazy little sports items all over the venue. You can look at spending R250 for two and expect to be stuck there for a few hours because of the cheap drinks! Lovely bar which at first glance you will think is super tiny only to be surprised by their big outdoor deck area, it totally lived up to everything we expected and more. LOL it’s full of surprises, SURPRISES EVERYWHERE!

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