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The Station Parkhurst, Review

While Johannesburg may not be too close to the coast that doesn’t stop some of the restaurants in our city from dishing up the best fish and chips. One of those restaurants, is a new place in Parkhurst called The Station (A little bit of London in the heart of Parkhurst).

The Station, serves up some of the best London Fish and Chips that you will find in Johannesburg. With a menu inspired by London, expect to find some mouthwatering favourites, like the London Eye Hot Beef Pan, Brixton Chilli Mustard Beef and the Tube Calamari. The Menu also boast some delicious Mexican favourites like Quesadillas and Nachos all worth a try.

The Station, is all about laid back drinking and dining, perfect for a weekday lunch or after work drinks and dinner. This place is an excellent all-rounder and well worth a visit.

Meals to try: 

London Fish and Chips: Crispy beer battered hake with chips, prepared with home-made tartar sauce, served with some green peas on the side.

Rump Steak: Flame grilled served medium rare unless specified, topped with café de Paris butter and a sauce of your choice. Try it with some Chorizo and Avocado on the side.

Seafood Platter (For 2): Poseidon selection of prawns, calamari in lemon butter sauce and fresh hake either fried or grilled and served with tartare or peri peri sauce and side of chips.

Drinks to try:

The restaurant has an amazing Gin selection and Cocktails that are well worth a try. For Wine lovers, they also have a decent selection of premium wines on the menu.

Waterloo Mojito: Havana Rum, sugar, mint leaves, lime quarters, muddled, and topped with soda water and mint sprig.

Picadilly: Scottish Whisky, cloudy apply juice, lime juice, mint leaves with mint sprig.

You can look at spending R300 per person including a drink. Make a stop here soon and enjoy!





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