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Heritage Day Milk Tarts And Brownies By Mesmerizing Mixes #SupportLocal

Local is lekker! And there is no better way to celebrate South Africa’s Heritage Day other than indulging in the best local cultural dishes. Thanks to our friends at Mesmerizing Mixes  for sending us the classic Milk Tart and Brownies mixes, now we have the perfect desserts to add to our Braai Day festivities.

The idea for Mesmerizing Mixes was born in 2016, by the quest for convenient, easy, Halaal, baking that tasted like home. Each mix is perfectly measured, mixed together and securely packaged with extra special care and effort ensuring that only the best quality ingredients are used.

For someone like me who doesn’t enjoy having to measure and figure out all the ingredients required when baking, these mixes are perfect. They are easy to use and very cost-effective with mix prices ranging from R35 – R125.

Made at almost every family gathering and one of  South Africa’s top favourite treats, the Milk Tart. Perfect every time  and now with the premix super easy to make. The Milk Tart mix includes, premix for the base and filling and cinnamon for sprinkling. All you have to do is just add butter, milk and eggs to the mix and Pre-Heat your oven for the base. Read the simple instructions on the pack and ENJOY! 

The Brownie mix provides mouth watering brownies which are rich and moist to eat with a degree of chewiness to suit all tastes. All you have to do is add butter and eggs to the mix and make sure to Pre-Heat your oven so it will be ready for your brownies. Read the simple instructions on the pack and ENJOY!

The Mesmerizing mixes range now offers 21 different baking items that also include a health range which is Gluten Free, Sugar Free and Keto/Banting/Low Carb. You can order your mixes today at // and enjoy mixing magical moments.

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