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Knorr Naturally Tasty Beef & Mushroom Pie Recipe By Zama

Hey friends I am finally back with more fun easy to make recipes! For the next few months though you guys will be treated to a mix of recipes from my friends as I have challenged them to try new things and come up with their own unique dishes using the delicious Knorr Naturally Tasty Range. Last month my dear friend @Zama created this delicious Beef & Mushroom Pie and all I can say is it is to die for!


1 Packet Naturally Tasty Beef Tagine
500g cubed beef
250g mushrooms cubed
250g leeks thinly sliced
Olive oil
400g pastry

How To:

1. Coat your beef in half a Pack of the Naturally Beef Tagine, then toss in a pan of warm Olive oil.
2. Brown the beef and then remove it from the pan.
3. Add the leeks and slowly cook until they caramelise, then add mushrooms and your beef back.
4. Mix the remaining Beef Tagine with your water and top up your beef.
5. Let it simmer away until tender.
6. Let the mixture thicken.
7. Add to a baking dish and let cool slightly before topping with your pastry.
8. Decorate pastry with the offcuts and brush with a little egg-wash,then sprinkle with sesame seeds.
9. Add to a hot oven at 140 degrees let bake until golden brown!
10. Serve warm with vegetables or a salad! 

If you would like your recipe to be featured on the blog then be sure to get your hands on the Knorr Naturally Tasty mixes and get cooking. You can email your recipes to the email in the contact section and the best ones will get a feature 🙂

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