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Elegance In The Wilderness – Akabeko Boutique Hotel

Set within the mountains near Dullstroom, Mpumalanga, 5 star luxury Akabeko Boutique Hotel & Spa is surely the best getaway when you are trying to get off the grid. If luxury treehouse living is something you have always wanted to do then Akabeko is the perfect place for it. With only just 7 amazing couples units, each with heated floors, a comfy living area, kitchenette, massive bath tub, indoor & outdoor shower and a balcony overlooking the mountains and surrounding gardens it truly is elegance in the wilderness.

Akabeko is large enough to keep you and your partner entertained for the weekend but also small enough for you to catch some much needed peace and quiet. Enjoy a game of golf, go fishing, hiking, relax at the spa and then treat yourself to some delicious meals at the hotel restaurant.  The restaurant serves up some top quality dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is a delightful limited menu that won’t make your head spin. I honestly would love for the venue to include a self catering option in future as sometimes when you are on a break you don’t really want to always be eating at a restaurant. Seeing as all the units have kitchens it only makes sense to have the self catering option on the property. If I am paying R3800 a night, then at least let me enjoy the freedom of bringing in my own snacks and drinks.

If you are a tech addict and always need to be online then you might want to take a rain check on this one. Network in these mountains is non-existent (except the fast wifi at the restaurant) but to be honest that is what makes the place that more amazing. As much as I was stressed for not having access to my phone/laptop all weekend, I actually managed to rest for once and actually take in the beauty that was around me. Akabeko gave me a new appreciation to life and reminded me that the simple pleasures in life are what makes it so beautiful.

The best part about Akabeko though is the people, which is why I would recommend you visit this place. I have never in life met more humble and kind people in the hospitality industry.  Talk about family values taken to the next level. The Akabeko team are what made our stay so much more amazing, everyday we were met with Colgate smiles, the utmost respect and friendly conversations. Monia, Thabo and crew really know how to make one feel at ease,  every morning when we woke up we honestly always looked forward to hanging with you guys.

For those of you who are loved up and looking for a good weekend getaway for Easter Holidays then try out Akabeko Boutique Hotel in Mpumalanga, yes the price is a bit steep but it is well worth it. Treat yourselves just this once to an amazing experience that will live in your memory book forever. Great place, epic views and amazing people! 

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