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Sunday Lunch Dates At The Fat Zebra In Linden

Sunday’s are always best for just relaxing over good food and good conversations with family and friends and this past Sunday was exactly that. A relaxed lunch date with a friend at The Fat Zebra in Linden was the perfect way to end what was a stressful week. Delicious tapas, pizzas and pastas is what you can expect at this lovely little place, while getting world class service from the manager. Seeing as my friend and I have loads and I mean loads of different allergies the team at the Fat Zebra were wonderful enough  to make suggestions (even changed the menu a bit) that would suit both of us while still keeping us alive lol.

Once we had all figured out what would be best for us to enjoy, we went on to order some chilled and crisp chardonnay to keep us cool. The heat in Johannesburg lately is on another level. Anywho, for lunch I went on to have the Creamy Chicken & Pesto Parmesan with a hint of the Fat Zebra’s homemade chilli. The chicken was deliciously juicy and the pasta cooked to perfection, the dish was full of flavour and that chilli was that extra little magical touch it needed. My friend on the other hand had a Fresh Grilled Norwegian Salmon Salad and Crispy Cubed Potatoes with aioli mayo. Once again another delicious and light dish that paired perfectly with the wine.

The only downside I would say, is that all this awesomeness is only available until 2pm on Sunday’s. We were looking forward to spending a little bit more time there but eventually moved to the restaurant next door. The best part though about The Fat Zebra is the meals are super affordable, you can look at spending R250 for two including wine which is a huge bargain! Next time you are around Linden, make sure to make a breakfast or lunch pitstop here. Trust me you won’t regret it.

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