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The Vibe Comes Alive As News Cafe Launches New Menu

Foodies get ready to be spoiled with tantalising food trends and fierce new flavours from News Cafe with the launch of its new menu. Showcasing over 20 new additions to the menu, News Cafe promises to delight you with mouth-watering bowls, succulent grills, and delicious sharing platters that all come pre-mixed with News Cafe’s unforgettable vibe. With the recent change to a more cosmopolitan and urban visual direction, it only makes sense that News Cafe gave it’s menu a beautiful face lift too. 

The new menu design is warm and vibrant with a burst of colour placed alongside the sophisticated tones of charcoal and deep blue mixed with a combination of textures including wood. The food innovation that has been developed is like no other, showcasing classics like Grilled Cheese and French Toast but with a twist of style that only News Cafe can accomplish. The menu also embraces the South African palate with exciting new editions of a succulently rubbed, Roasted Lamb and the all too popular Tomahawk Steak that has already taken international markets by storm. 

Bowls, which are all the rage in major foodie capitals across the world, will also now be available at News Cafe. Bowl mania broke out in 2016 and had spread to all continents by 2017. With a number of interpretations that have become a stable, continuing trend and remain as the perfect social food for the dedicated foodie. The culinary journey doesn’t end there and lovers of sumptuous cuts of meat are not forgotten. The finger foods menu is set to be expanded with Beef Short Ribs, Beef Koftas and Harissa Chicken Skewers inspired by Middle Eastern flavours of hot peppers and spices. 

While enjoying the delights of the new menu, you can continue to enjoy the electric vibe, no matter the occasion, whether business lunches, after-work sundowners or cocktails with friends, the new menu has a little something for everyone. 

*all images courtesy of News Cafe*

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