Nela’s Kitchen Launch – A Dinner To Remember

Ever wondered what it is like to have a private chef make your meals? Well I was lucky enough to enjoy an exclusive dining experience at the official launch of  Chef Yonela Qwabe‘s, Nela’s Kitchen recently in Cape Town. Let me just start off by saying having a private chef make your meals  is definitely a must if you enjoy having a fine dining experience every now and again.  I am pretty sure you are all thinking no ways, having a private chef is way to expensive but you will be glad to know that Nela’s Kitchen is not only the best it is also affordable.

For the first official Nela’s Kitchen dining experience we were treated to an intimate evening of great food, music and memorable conversations. On the menu for the night was Nela’s mouthwatering cocktail meatballs for starters and a deliciously slow cooked Oxtail served with mashed potatoes or basmati rice for dinner. The meals were then all perfectly paired with a smooth and rustic red wine selection. When it came to the Oxtail it was slow cooked perfectly the melting meat teamed with the rich red wine sauce was truly something to marvel over. It was what we call the perfect winter warmer, it was hearty, ridiculously delicious and made with a lot of passion and love.

As a private chef, Nela facilitates beautiful restaurant in your home type events consisting of multi-course lunches and dinners prepared in the comfort of your own kitchen or Nela’s private kitchen, served table side with the perfect wine pairings.  All her menus are made with a unique list of flavourful dishes that are both healthy and delicious. If you are looking to host a memorable event then make sure to book Nela’s Kitchen today it is the perfect secret weapon that every kitchen needs. If you are just looking to attend one of Nela’s Kitchen private functions then be sure to stay tuned to Nela’s Page for all the latest updates on the next event.

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