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Add A Touch Of Glam To Your Look With The New Daniel Wellington Watches

Our friends from Daniel Wellington have once again spoiled us with another gorgeous piece of stunning arm candy. This time around our pick was the new release and ever so beautiful Classic Petite Melrose watch which adds that extra touch of glam to our collection. All I can say is Daniel Wellington stays winning with their epic combination of simplified beauty, perfect fitting and the much-appreciated affordability.

My Classic Petite Melrose is everything a girl can ask for and more. The stunning rose gold mesh strap insures that it sits perfectly on the wrist making it even more comfortable to wear. No more being annoyed by a constantly shifting strap, this one is so easily adjustable to all wrist sizes. The strap also comes in a silver plating so if the rose gold is not your taste trust me you will most definitely fall in love with the silver one.

Since I have been wearing the watch I find that I am always getting lovely compliments which can make any ladies day. The best part though is having people tell you what amazing taste you have because hey, “you are wearing the same watch as Kendall Jenner.” Lol – But that’s not all their epic reactions to me telling them how ridiculously affordable this stunning piece is, totally keeps me laughing for days. All those OOOH! AAAAH! and epic NO WAYS! ARE YOUR SERIOUS, reactions? Hilarious I tell you, these watches are so incredibly affordable even I still get shocked and this is one of the main reason why I will always love Daniel Wellington they have a perfect watch for all occasions.

I have been enjoying the Melrose watch so much so that I will also be adding the silver to my collection as well this week. Saw it on a friend and it’s safe to say it is a banger! Matches well with all occasions as well. I feel the Melrose is more for those special occasions whereas the silver is perfect for the everyday look. If you are looking to get your hands on one of these stunning watches then make sure to use the code “ASA” to get 15% off your purchase. For all our loyal subscribers make sure to stay tuned to the blog as we will be giving away a stunning piece to one lucky subscriber soon!

Four Reasons Why You Should Spoil Yourself With One Of These Watches:

1. Elevate your everyday look with an effortless touch of elegance
2. They are affordable (great options for gifts)
3. Spectacular quality, every detail is well crafted
4. Perfect for all occasions

Happy Thursday and Happy Shopping

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