Tuning The Vine In Parkhurst

So this past Wednesday what was meant to be a simple coffee date catch-up with a friend in Parkhurst ended up with us discovering the #JoziWineRoute in Parkhurst which is better known as Tuning The Vine. This EPIC discovery came after a rather interesting afternoon that was filled with nothing but Gin Cocktails and Dragon Fiery Ginger Beer. How we even survived the Wine Route later that evening is beyond me LOL. But survive we did and it was all definitely worth it.

When all the 20 #JoziWineRoute producers where done setting up their stands at some of the restaurants along 4th Avenue in Parkhurst we set off on our little wine tasting adventure. Starting off at White House Interiors, we worked our way through 4th tasting some of the best Chardonnays and Merlots that Stellenbosch has to offer. We ended our run at Rockets because at this point we were starting to feel the effects of all that Gin & Beer from earlier LOL. Since Tuning The Vine takes place every first Wednesday of the month, I think we will be back here again next month to do the entire route properly.

My 3 favourite wines from the route:

Jordan Unoaked ChardonnayLets just say I have always had a thing for guys named Jordan lol *kidding* this wine was everything and more. It has strong hints of orange blossom and lemon peel so it’s extremely refreshing and something I can drink all night long with no stress.

Lobola Chardonnay I really love the grapefruit and apple flavours to it. Also how cool is the name I should get a case just for laughs for my cousins upcoming Lobola negotiations he he he.

Glenwood Chardonnay Unoaked Again strong hints of green apple and lime flavours. I guess you can say I am a big fan of crisp and refreshing tones. I like to keep it light, I am not a big fan of red wines they just make me all kinds of emotional…

I tasted quite a few other wines but these 3 stood out the most for me on the night. Next month though I will be sure to try out all the reds. Tuning The Vine is definitely a must do if you are looking for an awesome mid-week adventure with your friends. For just R250 you get taken on an exciting wine journey by some very good looking wine fairies, so trust me it is totally worth it!

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