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Easter Sunday Lunch At Fisherman’s Deck Hartbeespoort

So Easter has come and gone and I just realised I didn’t really capture most of what I was up to hence the long silence on the blog (I was also super busy with work and the blog revamp). The only thing I did manage to capture though, was our Easter Sunday lunch at Fisherman’s Deck in Hartbeespoort. How my friends and I ended up in Harties for Easter Sunday is beyond me. We were home one minute recovering from the amazing time we had from Thursday to Saturday, next thing you know we are in Harties (hungover as *beep* mind you). After an hour debating where to have lunch since we didn’t exactly plan the trip we ended up at the perfect place to cure any hangover the Fisherman’s Deck.

Once we walked in the first thing we did was make sure to give the waiter our orders without even looking at the menu. To us it was really simple we were hungover and the only thing that could cure us was meat, some good old ribs and wings to be exact! Lucky for us they had the perfect Rib and Wing combo which is what we all ended up ordering baring one individual who craves seafood when he is hungover (what a weirdo lol). After laughing at us for a minute our waiter then went on to place our orders and gave us great service throughout the day.

While waiting for our food some genius at our table decided we should drink more and next thing you know our table is overflowing with beers, ciders and champagne. Needless to say all this did was make us stay in Harties far longer than what we had planned lol. It was a great end to a great Easter and it continued well into the rest of the week with a 3 day holiday at Thandeka Lodge & Spa in Limpopo that post will be up soon :).

Next time I am in Harties the Fisherman’s Deck is for sure going to be a regular lunch stop. The service is great everyone that works there is super friendly. The food is made with love and the views are relaxing. The prices are also very affordable considering the food portions. The drinks here are dirt cheap so if you looking for a spot to chill with a big group of friends then this is it. A solid 9/10 make sure you stop here soon!! Happy Friday Loves!

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