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Wine And Pizza Nights At Tigers Milk Bryanston

So last week Thursday was a day full of awesome surprises and reunions for me. With the universe being in sync for once I happened to be in JHB at the same time as some of my former colleagues and friends. We all decided to take advantage of this blessing and made a night of it over some pizza and drinks at the conveniently located Tigers Milk in Bryanston. I must say every time I come here I still get surprised by the menu, it’s one page of limited food selection and never ending pages of alcohol options always leaves me giggling (do we all love alcohol that much guys lol).

I honestly don’t have much to say about Tigers Milk it’s really just a cool and vibey hangout spot for after work drinks, mini reunions like we had and birthdays. It’s the perfect spot if you are looking for simple and delicious burgers, pizza, light starters and beer. Like they say it’s dude food made real good. It is reasonably priced and the balcony area has a nice view overlooking Bryanston. You can look at spending R300 for 2. FYI y’alls faves love hanging there 😛

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