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Lunch At Morrells Boutique Estate Northcliff

Lunch in beautiful spaces is what everyone should try every once in a while. The perfect space for such lunches is the stunning Morrells Boutique Estate in Northcliff. Enjoy an afternoon of luxury amid the mellow stone walls covered in climbing plants and wall shrubs that just soak up the sun. There are a couple of fountains and a glistening pool in the gardens which add a magical touch to the blistering scenery. It truly is a fairy-tale chateau with a note of magic in the air. Once you have enjoyed all of the surrounding beauty, the waiters who are very sharp and on the ball will escort you to your table. Here they will then offer you magnificent service throughout the afternoon. I will say though, make a booking in advance we were very lucky to get a table, with all the events that were taking place at the venue. It is every brides dream venue so trust me when I say book in advance.

The menu is limited and the portions are slightly small but it makes sense since, they are trying to transport your pallet through all the unique flavours of Provence from starter to dessert. The meals are delicious starting with the Roasted Vegetable Salad, fresh, crisp veggies that are roasted to perfection, that beetroot was my favourite part of the salad. I wonder if they pick the vegetables from their own gardens hmmm. For mains we had the Fillet served with roasted asparagus, onion and sweet potato again this meal was delicious and totally looked like something out of a magazine. For dessert we tried the Baked Citrus Pudding served with cardamom creme fraiche and the Vanilla Pot De Creme served with syrup and black lava salt. I must admit I wasn’t a big fan of that black lava salt it was an unnecessary addition to the delicious dessert. img_7616



We totally enjoyed a blissful day relaxing under the sunlight filtering down through the branches, listening to the soothing sounds of the fountains. When it comes to the prices you can look at spending R500 for 2 and not R200 like Zomato claims but it’s money well spent.

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