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Topflo Prestige Arcadia

When you start running out of places to explore in Johannesburg you venture out to Pretoria and end up at places like Topflo Prestige in Arcadia. Is it a club? Is it a lounge? Or is it a Restaurant? Nope it is a Lavish Lounge Club that serves the most blazing authentic African food. Everything from Samp, Dumpling to Sesotho Chicken you name it they have it! Look if you are living alone and miss having that home cooked meal your mama makes that gives you all sorts of goosebumps then worry no more this place is the one! Everything from the service to the music and food complements each other so well it’s worth every penny. Warning, you might get way too comfortable and end up staying here all day racking up a massive drinks tab LOL. It’s just that awesome guys! My only fault about the place is that it’s so damn far if you live in JHB. Lol Pretoria in my eyes is another country so going there has to be an occasion for me. You can even ask my family that lives that side how many times a year they see me in Pretoria lol.


Shout out to whoever owns this place it’s truly something special and the best part is the food is so affordable. Well done on being able to give world class service at a reasonable price. Guys make sure you visit this place it’s Super Dope as the cool kids would say.

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