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Turn Up For Good

Another great day for Philanthropy. This time around I was lucky enough to be a part of the Viacom Viacommunity day were we had the honor of spending the day in Alexandra at a Community Center devoted to improving access to healthy food and increasing financial education and opportunities for personal development. With the collaboration and combined efforts of the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Social Welfare and Development we were able to assist in turning one hectare piece of land into a working urban farm that models, promotes and educates communities about sustainable food systems.

We were welcomed by our amazing Farm Leader Fuzz who made sure we all had the correct tools and skill set to work efficiently and effectively throughout the day. This project is by far one of the best I have worked on in recent years because it’s inspiring change by choosing to offer a hand up rather than a hand out which for me leaves a far greater impact. Throughout the day it was amazing to see the Viacom team physical work with such love, pleasure, expertise and professionalism to help move this community forward. It’s in that relentless pursuit of helping others that we each get closer to the person we are truly born to be! Lets keep doing the good work and improving lives!

We also made sure we cooked for the hard working community members using some of the delicious produce from the farm:

image3image1 (4)


If you are looking to be a part of the development project , the Farm is situated on Corner Lenin Drive and London Road in Alexandra Township

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