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Enjoy The Feeling With Coca-Cola

“I got chills. They’re multiplying. And I’m losing control.’ Cause the power you’re supplying.
It’s electrifying!”

This is exactly how the new Coca-Cola re-brand has me feeling . One thing they always get right is making sure they evoke just the right amount of emotion to put you in a good/better mood. Three things that the brand has always carried through in the past is that they always keep it real, are full of happiness and bring you good moments. This new campaign is no different and the new memorable slogan of Enjoy the Feeling still strongly brings this message across. It’s short, simple and relatable.
The new imagery is very clear in bringing across the realness of the campaignReal people, in real life situations! Thanks to social media today we are all very visual beings, we are able to tell our stories through captivating images, sounds and within 140 characters. Coca-Cola cleverly captures us by taking us back in time by recreating their iconic Coke moments in the present times. Talk about a real #ThrowBackThursday we see you Coke! We are also a very diverse and unique generation and to be able to appeal to the youth market is not only difficult but also energy/time consuming considering how often we change our minds about products.What I appreciate about this campaign is it’s so simple it’s translatable to all generations. We all want to be happy and feel loved, Coke does not only give you this in a bottle but now you can share it online through gifs and interactive imagery. They arebringing you one experience through multiple touch points. I guess you can almost say that wherever you go Coca-Cola will be there with you.

We have all had a Coca-Cola in at least one of these life moments: 

For those of you wondering who created the Anthem it was produced by Avicii (He can get anyone in a good mood with his music) and featuring soulful singer Conrad Sewell(vocals so soothing they can please any soul)

Will Coke ever get it wrong? NO they won’t because:

1. They make simple everyday moments that little bit extra special.
2. They evoke a sense of community and sharing which not a lot of brands get right, most brands if anything leave you feeling super isolated.
3. The brand is iconic, you will see this in some of their imagery. Some are branded and others not but the visuals, fonts and colours used are so iconic that you will know it is Coke and trust it.
4. They are adaptable and flexible to the consumers needs not a lot of brands can be appealing on multiple touch points. So many brands get Social Media soooo wrong but here Coke brings back the Social to social media…

Bravo Coca-Cola, here’s to many more years of Awesomeness332263

15 thoughts on “Enjoy The Feeling With Coca-Cola

  1. I lost interest in coke as it became a black peoples beverage. I used to buy 4 Litres per day but thats past now.

      1. Where does this person come from with its racism this concept of Coke beverages was Design by a white man and the blacks supported it ,u missing out with ur differences you are hurting yourself with hatred of blacks because we enjoy it and we not going anywhere. It’s so cooooool

    1. I pity you and your children. Such backward mentality in this modern world. U r a disgrace to humanity. God should just kill u cz u r a waste of breathe and space. #sies

  2. No company canteens nor bar could run out of coke in the whole world make friends and peace drinking Coke

  3. Awesomeness !!!!!
    I cnt think of anything to drink besides Coke its my alcohol.My fridge will be empty without Coca-Cola.

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