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The Lookout Deck Hout Bay

The Western Cape just keeps getting better and better each day this week. My friend and I decided to go on a trip to Hout Bay for lunch and let me tell you it was the second best decision we made all week after breakfast at Jarryds. The Lookout Deck in Hout Bay is absolutely something worth shouting about! It is undoubtedly one of the best seafood restaurants I have ever been to. The fish served is super fresh and the views from the deck of the mountains and ocean are just spectacular. My friend and I were feeling so great that we decided to have a full three course meal starting off with some delicious Sushi – Vegetarian & Salmon California Rolls which were deliciously fresh and succulent. We then went on to have the Fish and Chips, OK wait let me rephrase that, THE BEST FREAKING FISH AND CHIPS I have ever had and the Cafe De Paris Steak. Let me tell you something that steak according to my friend made him feel like he was in Paris that mushroom sauce was so delicious he almost ate it on it’s own…IMG_0552




What I loved most about this restaurant is that as huge as it is, it never once got obnoxiously loud like most Fish and Chips restaurants/bars. The only thing they can work on making faster is the service, the waiters need to be more attentive and on the ball… Luckily our second waiter Admire was an absolute Gem but since he was waiting on a million other tables he couldn’t give us the attention we needed. After our mains we ended up ordering dessert which like the rest of the food was just absolutely divine, those freshly baked cakes, OMG I’m getting hungry just thinking about it all over again! The Lemon Cheesecake was freshly baked, moist and just pure joy. The Strawberry Meringues on the other hand were a little bit sweet but those strawberries were so fresh and ripe that I wasn’t even bothered by the sweetness of the ice cream in the end. You can look at spending R600 for 2 for a 3 course meal and a bottle of wine which is reasonable considering how freaking amazing the food is. Damn guys the food quality here is something to get excited about it’s just amaze-balls!!!

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